AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2

There is no such restriction in Envato’s terms. You are free to upload your audio without the watermark on YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.


I do not get it, I really don’t how author’s whose tracks that are being rejected cannot tell the difference between what is appropriate for the marketplace and what is not. Listening to the weekly top sellers and how they sound really cannot be difficult yet author’s seek a critique as to why something has been rejected when the reviewers are already overwhelmed by the review queue and simply do not have the time to write out an instruction manual for rejected submissions. Listen, listen very carefully to what this marketplace is about. Music that is bought here is not solely for listening purposes, it is bought to accompany some sort of visual production. That’s it, if I’m wrong then I have made a terrible mistake for the past 8-9 years.


@gballx I agree, that it*s needed to hear reference tracks. Unfortunately you turn my proposal in the opposite and use an exaggeration. No one expects an instruction manual from the reviewer. I did not write that. What I mean is, that it would be helpful to know the reason for a rejection. That could be done with a multiple choice form, the reviewer can click single or multiple preformulated reasons for a rejection. And it wouldn’t need much time.

[-] it’s clipping
too much repetitions
no tension or less variation
one or more instruments are too loud or too quiet
issues in mastering/EQ/compression
… and so far. A list like this could be extended.

In my opinion it is a kind of respect and culture of criticism to tell an author the reason, why his work isn’t good enough this time. And it gives him a direction to improve his work.
If you can live with a statement “Your work isn’t good enough. Rejected.” - okay it’s fine for you. But the forum posts over and over again tell me, that there is a demand for clarifying.


This market is not a Kindergarden, it´s for professional demand. If you need feedback for a rejected track, then you should start at

Sorry be harsh, but the review queue is close to three weeks now.


Okay, I understand. This discussion is turning in a wrong and ugly direction. Sorry, if I bothered anyone.

I have the same results and the same thoughts, although I only sell sounds. After this experiment, I began to raise prices there, where I think the product is undervalued. The month of the introduction of discounts was the lowest in terms of profit.
I think that our customer is not such a stingy layman who will choose a product for a discount in order to save a couple of dollars. Most of my clients are professionals of any company (corporation; media business). They are interested in quality, originality and functionality. Price is a secondary factor, it is important only to the layman who wants to decorate his home video with something for the Internet. This is an amateur.



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You’re not wrong man, but the lack of consistency is still very frustrating. I’m no top seller, but I think I’ve got a decent little niche of tracks that bring me a nice bit of disposable income every month (or used to pre elements). I don’t copycat (blatently at least :smiley: ), i price high and I think I do an ok job at delivering tracks that are of commercial quality. I’ve had a fair number of large broadcast sales which makes me think I’m doing alright.

I get rejects all the friggin time, on stuff that is no better or worse objectively than stuff that gets accepted, and in fact my all time highest selling tracks on other market places and libraries have been rejected by AJ. And while I know you’re not supposed to, there may have been a resubmission or two and what do ya know… accepted. It’s a TOTAL crap shoot.

Normally I wouldn’t give a s**t, but now my upload limit has been reduced to 2 a month.


that’s weird, the last post i made was subject to mod approval before it was even posted? anyone else getting this?

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I think that more specific feedback from reviewers would just lead to endless discussion, more authors sending in complaints/ reactions here because they feel personally very connected to their work, which in itself can also be a good thing. The healthiest approach I feel is to just let it go and move on when you get a rejection. It doesn’t mean anything, even if somewhere else a track sells millions of times or if it becomes a mega hit. It doesn’t prove a reviewer was right or wrong.

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Well, a good one at last… one single sale made half-way December already better than the whole November.

26 to go! :rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl:



I strongly disagree with your comment. If you worked for one of the high-end libraries for advertising or production music, you often get substantial feedback on tracks. In fact, it’s more often than they will request changes than just accept your track first time at the highest end.

Audiojungle I would say is “Kindergarden”. They accept almost anything and have a model that pushes low priced tracks encouraging authors to upload up to 30 low-quality tracks per month for a few dollars each…


Sad enough.
If you need feedback for a hard reject, than you need to ask yourself what´s wrong in general with your track, is it really worth to be uploaded? If your track won´t be accepted here, where else should it be? :wink:

We are talking about HARD REJECTS, not SOFT REJECTS.

If the reviewers waste time in answering any hard rejected track with a nice Feedback sheet with a pink bow, we will get a review queue of 2 month in 2021. I don´t know f you are accepting that?

Before you can upload to “high-end libraries”, you usally send in 3-4 tracks to be reviewed and accepted before YOU will be accepted to sell. That´s what AudioJungle should phase in asap!


Sort of. For high-end libraries, you would send a portfolio of your best work usually and then they would invite you to write for briefed albums or to do a solo album in a particular style and often give you reference tracks.

I agree Audiojungle could focus on quality over quantity in a similar way but by increasing the uploads to 30 tracks and changing the layout on the site to favour low price tracks, Envato clearly wants a high quantity of low-quality tracks from what I can see. Otherwise, these changes make no sense…


Good news… we have been requesting this for so long! I have seen so many accounts with the same exact songs :slight_smile:


wow… so you mean that the famous 70% ratio is reset every month?
So if I have uploaded hundreds of tracks, with 100% approval, and I just happen to upload two tracks that get rejected, I would be instantly limited to 2 uploads a month ?

I might be wrong, but I think it goes off your last 20 submissions.

That would be more reasonable then. Surely, it must be stated somewhere!

I think it was stated in the original thread by @steve_lam.

Ah, yes it was. here:

(Absolutely dead. Boohoohoo.)