AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2

Worst month ever so far… not counting my first year for obvious reasons.
But this is very below average… very worrying.


James said: “that this banner will not be removed, because on this banner goes only 1% of buyers”

As for sales: Your last sale was $24 10 days ago.


With a constant load is still 0 sales.

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O sales, where art ye? :cry:


I think we’ve had our answer for about 3 months. The banner ad is there to stay, or it’s there to stay until they meet their subscription member goals which create guaranteed recurring revenue for Envato and the reviewers whom were first invited into this cornered market scheme which pulls revenue away from market authors and places the money inside the pockets of reviewers, the very people who decide what tracks are “good enough” to sell on market. It’s the most corrupt, unfair, business scheme that grossly devalues music assets. Everyone is asking how to counter it. Someone brought up links to other markets. If every non-elements author stopped uploading here then provided links to other markets on their pages, that may be a way we could all collectively protest the unfair business practice. But everyone would have to be on board and do it so it’s a true, real, “virtual protest” that could really harm Envato’s revenue. We’d all just be advertising another market. Certainly Envato would not want that.

Everyone needs to realize that the ad literally persuades customers to not buy market items, but instead “go unlimited” for an insanely low price. It’s clear as day and it is a fact that all of us have taken substantial earnings hits because of that ad. The revenue that may have been flowing to us, is being diverted to Envato and the reviewers. This is just a fact. There is no “different type of customer”…that was just an overt lie because the customers being aggressive targeted are market customers browsing market pages. Customers still are confused and essentially are receiving false advertising because they are lead to believe that by signing up for “unlimited” they are getting access to all market items.

I strongly suggest that everyone just stop supporting this market with new uploads. Take your business elsewhere. Business 101 teaches that one should never try to catch a falling knife. As our monthly revenue is eroded slowly here (transferred to ENVATO, REVIEWERS, and a few very privileged authors, why would it make any sense to keep pouring music content into the platform that is stabbing you in the back every moment of every day?

8 Ball did have an interesting comment about how top monthly sales figures were taken away from the site. It’s true, Envato does not want us seeing the erosion of units sold on market. However, 2 weeks ago there was a glitch on this site and for some reason, the old design appeared when I logged in. I saw the old AVATAR designs on popular files and I saw units sold stats from the top selling authors again out of the blue. The old design btw, was much much better and I remember thinking “hmmm, it’s good that they brought the old design back.” That only lasted a half day, however. The numbers were significantly lower pz showed 825 units sold, for example, which is down 30%.

When a company becomes less transparent by sharing less data, clearly they have a hidden agenda.
I wonder how elements authors would react if they actually could see how many downloads their tunes get each month and weigh that against how much they earn each month. They probably would want to vomit. And clearly, Envato knows to NEVER share that data because they too know how ugly it probably looks. The math probably yields stats that result in 0.10 to 0.25 cents a download vs earning $10 to $40 from a single unit sold on market.


And did anyone call him out on his bullshit?

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Then why have the ad at all if it produces insignificant results? Again, it sounds like a an overt lie to shut authors up. It’s almost as if he’s saying that there is no “link” with many authors reporting declining market revenue by often 30% to 80% and the banner ad that guides customers into a disgustingly devalued offering. If only 1% of market customers are clicking on the banner ad, then revenue would only be declining by 1% for market authors. This is not the case.

Someone needs to ask James why they removed sales data for top selling authors?


Sadly I fully support this. Maybe the only way to get some respect and 2 way communication would be to give the Envato leadership their very own medicine. We can link to competition sites, change our avatars and item thumbnails to competition sites logos (not Elements though…thats cheating). No but seriously maybe we should do an author survey and see how big the interest is for a “synchronised virtual protest”. If they act as fast and precise for such a violation as when banning self purchasers and copy cats I think we are all safe to proceed :slight_smile:

And then we can say to them “No worries the traffic we redirect is just around 1%…”.

The number 1% is totally utterly useless without knowing the exact measurements and detailed stats behind it (which market? through affiliate authors? straight from the market? etc) The only thing we can be sure of is that we are being mislead by this number. And even if the number 1% conversion actually is correct for AJ, how many visitors do AJ have during a month? Is 1% of those an insignificant number when they are stolen into a one way black hole with no incentive to return?

Affiliate authors get $120 for a signing up a new customer to Elements for a year. Thats exactly the amount of money Envato are willing to pay (or steal from authors that are forced to advertise for free) for 1 new customer signing up.

We are not selling stock footage here which Elements is poor on, we are selling stock music which Elements is already overloaded with. The queue with over qualified AJ authors applying for Elements is probably as long as the Chinese wall, and probably controlled by those who are in direct competition with the authors applying.

What is really sad about all of this is how it puts authors up against Envato staff as the bad guys, how it puts non Elements authors up against Elements authors as the bad guys. So incredible unnecessary and unfair. There are so many employees in Envato that wants to do right by the authors and the community, I have absolutely no doubt about this. But obviously a few managers are very good at creating a super toxic environment here while pursuing their quest for fast food success with Elements.


Weekend = Absolutely


Still silence from Envato staff. Incredible, what is happening makes no sense pure nonese.

Sad to see this guys, very sad.


3 days without sales, as without water. I need a little rain of sales.


mid month

i’m on 11 sales for me it’s ok at this time

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Zero sales in July, so far. Can’t really say it’s unexpected. Last year I had a similar dry patch that lasted until the last days of July.


It’s sad indeed but I don’t think this is silence at all. Actually in the meet ups they expressly stated that the banners are there to stay, and the goal of migrating as many customers as possible to Elements is no secret. We can yell as much as we want here in the forums, they don’t give a sh#t, I’ll give you that. :slight_smile:

What is happening makes total sense though, we are watching a growing flux of incomes move from one place to another, from one group of authors to another, and we are on the losing side. Simple as that. For this whole trick to work its magic they have to keep an illusion (that sooner or later will fall I’m afraid) to the few selected affiliates that this is a good deal, hence, they have to keep the gates to new authors well shut and cannibalize our market and our ridiculous efforts to promote our works.

A shine of light: yesterday I sold a Broadcast & Film licence that, along with a few other lower tier extended licences, saved the month from a total train wreck. Keeping this kind of licences out of the Elements terms is a HUGE deal for us. We have no voice, that’s more than obvious, so it’s on you, affiliate colleagues, to stand up for this.

Good week everyone!


Half way point of the month. Total income currently down over 90% from my peak in May. My portfolio is getting above average views on the main competitor to AJ on a view count that would have made me easily over $50 by now in previous months, but this month I have made… $0.

Is it summer, am I just uploading the wrong styles, is it all these damn sub models, is it all 3? I really don’t know and give up trying to predict it… I’m just going to start uploading more, making what I enjoy and what I think might also sell and see where that goes. I have 10 months of savings left and I’m just going to put my feelings and discouragement aside and just try to be as productive as possible.

Also have huge discounts on my items, but I plan for this to be temporary, I know long term it doesn’t work but my account is basically dead atm anyway and the search engine needs changing so…

I see a few doing well still though and I offer a huge congrats to you guys. :slight_smile: Gives me a bit of hope knowing it isn’t completely dead everywhere.


4 days without sales. :rage: Obviously here there will never be stable and good sales, all sales are only for selected guests of the carnival, although we all work about the same. It’s terrible to think that this is true!


The entire month with almost no sales + the lack of US bayers.:grinning:

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Got the $1.75 sale, just 5 hours after my complaint. Therefore, I need only 500 messages for normal sales this month.


No sales on AJ at this time ! (Pretty obvious with my little number of track here). Asia market just save my average income this month (based on my own statistics) ! So for a Summer period, it’s not so bad to me, I can be happy with that right now ! As it’s just the middle of July, I guess I should have one or two sales minimum for the next two weeks! I hope one from Aj :slight_smile: + I guess summertime is a great time to try to work more on the mix and composition to step up to provide better music at the end of the summer ! . Good luck everyone !