AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


my last sale was 11 days ago :frowning:
very slow


They said the approximate end time of the experiment. Suddenly they will leave such a search like now forever (current default search values)(as the most frightening option)? We cannot know what results their experiment will show.


An avarage of 2 Sales a Week no matter how much Iam producing. I have to admit to myself that it wont work ever here. Thanks for everything. :v:


I’m confused. Are the Audiojungle experiments over or ongoing ? When were they supposed to end ? I suppose it’s not even worth uploading new tracks until things go back to normal.


Then there is no point in continuing to work on the audiojungle … If our products are not only not bought, buyers cant even find them.
But I hope that envato will come to his senses))


Let’s hope that this experiment will end soon (I just brought one of the options, because everything is possible).
And I would also like that they conducted another experiment (the number of sales for the new track is not equal to the “top of the week”). Well, for example, also for a month (I’m talking about the best positions for tracks in the search, which earned more money, not the number of sales). I think this experiment would be more interesting than the one that is now.


They’re still ongoing. James responded on the Experiments thread saying “We’re close to the end of the experiment and expect to wrap up around mid to late March. It depends on the volume of traffic that comes through to Envato Market. Higher traffic marketplaces will finish first with other marketplaces finishing soon after.”

what worries me is he also said “I can confirm that the early results of the experiment are pointing to a higher conversion and more overall sales than before. We’re continuing to monitor things very closely.”

If this becomes the standard layout, I’m going to be extremely disappointed in envato.


This is a statistics of my new track which was approved almost 2 days ago. Well… What is the chances to sell this track if I have 0 views for the first two days?.. I think almost no chances. A pity that a good tracks may lost only because some experiments in Envato. Anyway all these eexperiments doing bad only for a non top sellers. Top sellers is always outside of any experiments.


I think they are looking for the optimal option (so that the market sells no less than it sold before (before subscriptions)) and most likely the subscriptions “have eaten” part of the income from the market. But still, I think that for Envato it would be better and more effective to look towards the promotion of new items (the buyer will sooner or later get tired of buying old tracks “hackneyed records” and he will go to another place to look for new products and trends today). The fact that they showed a high conversion is only a temporary effect, and if the market focuses only on the promotion of old content, then this conversion will rapidly fall down and reach 0 in the shortest time. Well, it’s just my thoughts.

About sales: almost 2 days without sales, the weekend is dead.


Yeah I deffo agree with that, plus showing items that are 10+ years old means a good chance for a quality drop since the review process seemed to be more relaxed back then. I just hope they realise that. I hope they also realise that some new market places are offering authors a 70% cut for non exclusive, so forcing too many authors that are currently locked into envato with exclusive to go non exclusive is an extremely risky move on their part. Greed is going to force them to lose their exclusive grip on a big chunk of the market if they don’t watch out.


5 days no sales




That’s definitely what I’d call deader than dead.


What’s really infuriating about all their experiments is that they NEVER EVER even TRY the many outstanding suggestions that we’ve requested over the years here on the forum.


Because we always wants to do better for us (our requests). But they always looking to a counter of their money. It means that our requests is never good for their business. They just doing a things which can increase their profit. Always. Well… A very old and powerful true: “Nothing personal just business”.


I guess some authors might be benefiting from this experiments. :man_shrugging:


Without trying any of our suggestions, they can’t know that they aren’t missing opportunities to make even more profit.


first sale after 10 days <3
love this


After a typically quiet January and a terrible February things are a bit better in March. I’m not a huge selling author but I’m back to averaging a track a day and putting the prices up on a few of my tracks seems to be working well too. Let’s see if it holds…


This whole experiment has been very positive for me personally. Selling older tracks now as well.