AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


New item just accepted that I’m pretty happy with, but it’s a cinematic item… lets see how this goes. I’m sticking to what I said yesterday for new items but I’m gunna let my pending ones that I added over a week ago roll out. Lets see if a miracle happens lol.


Wow! It’s my birthday, three years! And this year started very, very badly. What’s happening? Where are the sales? :-)))


Despite a promising start to the month - last Sunday was among the strongest weekends I can recall - since Monday sales have been quite slow.


Alright, I’m taking the blame for all you guys miseries in the past year. Everything started to go downhill the moment I joined Audiojungle. :blush: :rofl:


dead, dead, dead… just 2 sales in march!


well imo if your nonexcl just upload away, you really got nothing to lose except a few minutes of your time. AJ was an after thought when i joined a year ago, was so apprehensive in joining for a long time due to its rep, so im not too concerned per the nonexcl split, company changes and processes…just look at it as another income stream…

for folks who’s bread and butter is AJ i totally get where they’re coming from, especially if its their livelihood. this industry is a moving target and things could change in a heartbeat




I am exclusive to Audiojungle, but honestly I’ve been considering expanding to other places in the last few months. At first I just thought I could write new stuff for other libraries, and I managed one or two here and there, but overall I just don’t have the time. Non-exclusive might be the only solution for me, but I’m just not sure. I’ve been exclusive for so long that I’m a bit terrified to try it. Audiojungle is not my main source of income. I could never make a living out of it, although earnings were promising until 2017 when things went downhill so badly for me that I almost gave up writing music.


Now is a very strange time. In past years, when there were weeks without sales, I thought it was because of a small portfolio. Now the situation in the portfolio has changed. And there are no sales for weeks.
Very strange time…


Even more strange. After my last post, the same person from India bought three times one track. But he bought it at odd intervals. At first once. An hour later. And in the morning for the third time. For me, this is very strange …


Really interesting…
Maybe less sales, because I’m not complaining about this on the forum?
Yes, yes, when there is no sales, you start to believe everything :joy:


Now sort by trending is messed up in all the category pages… If anyone starts selling tracks from 2012 this might be the reason. Very curious how useful the results from these experiments will be :neutral_face:


They have 4 tests (A,B,C,D) what you see, others may not see and on the contrary.


If you go to funk/groove and sort by trending, do you see many old tracks?


I see so. (Best Rated)


I see, but if you turn on trending, do you see old tracks?


The very first track I see “December 29, 2011”.


Yap, same here. So if 25% of the customers see trending as default setting, maybe they will see these super old tracks.

It seems to be a mix between top sellers (if any in the category) and old tracks.


Nothing old just 8 years have passed. :smiley::joy:


Just remember folks that these fun and games will run for another couple of weeks and author sales will plummet. Congratulations to Envato on this one.