AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


I really don’t think they actually listen to the sounds they reject. It’s just a numbers calculation looking at some of the new sounds they accept. When you professionally master your sounds and craft them I find it insulting getting the dear John not meeting quality email. It’s a joke.


Nice tips mate, thanks! :slight_smile:


i dont know what to make of it though…started with soft reject (notes are forgot to remove watermark on main so its my bad), resub then temp hold, then rejected due to commercial quality…huh? the rigamarole not the rejection that irks me… no worries, already in other sites which i do better anyway.


My last sale was 28 days ago. I’ve been relying mostly on old tracks to sell, so perhaps it would be time to upload some new stuff, although from what I’m reading here, new uploads won’t make much of a difference.


I am in the same boat… very slow sales… and am wondering… is it worth being exclusive?
I don’t have a big catalog (only 45 tracks), because my pace of production is very slow currently.
I am thinking of maybe switching to non exc, this way I could instantly re use all of my tracks on other platforms.

What is making me hesitate of course is the 35% thing instead of 50%, it gives a feeling of being totally ripped of…


I think this depends very much on who you ask, if you are having great sales at AJ it might be worth it. If you are having really great sales it’s definitely worth it. But you are also vulnerable to having all your eggs in the same basket. Have a look at all the non friendly author decisions that have been made the last half a year and it’s hard to justify not branching out in my opinion. Even for top sellers.

Also depends, if you have 500 copies of the same corporate track in your portfolio, then there might be limited what interest you will find outside AJ. For you I definitely think there is interest for your tracks outside AJ.

I don’t see anything wrong with having a non exclusive and an exclusive account, and I am considering this myself depending on how tracks perform outside AJ. But so far I must say it’s a very nice feeling to be able to upload your very best material on different sites. I don’t have many tracks either but I try to see what genres a library focus on and upload “appropriate tracks”.

As for the percents you technically have 45% commission as non exclusive, but the buyers fee eat up a lot if you price your track $20 for example. With your prices you would have 40-41% in reality. I definitely think more serious high end libraries could be interested in some of your tracks. You can always pitch 5-6 of your best tracks and start checking for interest in different libraries and then make up your mind.


Thanks @MojoSoundtrack , I really appreciate your detailed answer!
And I am slowly considering the “more serious” libraries, I had the feeling I am not totally ready yet, because I don’t have enough material (if they askl for more), but what you say is really motivating me :slight_smile:

I created a non EXC account as well, but for now, my “best” tracks are on the EXC account and are somehow “locked”…


Yes, and I think you need your best tracks to succeed in any market with such a huge competition. I think you have more than enough tracks to spread them and/or get feedback who are interested. Some libraries takes months just to review their submissions as well.


One of the major stock photography markets offers 33% to their authors. It’s within what’s accepted, I guess.

I’ve been considering going non-ex too, with all the “enhancements” that Envato have been introducing to Aj in the past 12 months.


Good month so far. A bit slower than February, but it’s still early in the month. :sunglasses:

(I still can’t believe that February became my 3rd best month ever. Apart from a single new SFX upload, I am completely inactive here since more than four months now… maybe five!).

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to give more time to AudioJungle, but it’s a nice feeling to still make some passive money after all the recent Envato changes and experiments…

Good luck to all in March! :sunny:


I’m even afraid to say anything (so as not to scare away luck :four_leaf_clover:), but I can say very careful hint :smiley:: that the month is not bad yet. We’ll see. :sunny:


Sales are running away just like me, when i see Mr.X in Resident Evil 2 Remake) :sweat_smile:

P.S. 3 sales so far and all are for older items.


March has not started for me yet.
I have not sold for 8 days, with 241 items in my portfolio.
I’ve never experienced anything like this before, it depresses me a little.


I wish you to see in March “Sonic the Hedgehog”! :blush::point_right: :rocket: :point_left: I hope you will have everything successfully, as they say “not yet evening” but only on March 6th !


Experiments, there is nothing surprising. When they end (at the end of March) everything will fall into place, I think.




Thank you! Wish you well too!:+1: i hope that things will go better by the end of march, so it is also time to upload some new good stuff and see.


I wonder what’s the algorithm logic under the “trending items” criteria search giving a 0 sales old items (2013-2015) as results


I have the same issue. I just sorted trending items under Electronica, and get tracks from 2012 (!) some with zero sales. Funnily enough one of those tracks is called “New Beat”, definitely a new favourite of mine :slight_smile:


Hahaha, yeah, I’ve been trying the search by categories and it’s cuckoo bananas.