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mr. Danielyan, please tell me when was the time of easy money on Envato?)


I really hope this is true because I love experimenting. From my experience of experimenting so far, it hasn’t gone too well and the generic tracks are the ones that usually sell. Lets hope it changes!


I think, especially it was in 2014 (and earlier). After 2014 it got harder and harder. But now, after “Elements” it is very difficult to have a good income with an ordinary templated and copy-pasted tracks. Because there are 2 reasons: 1. Elements 2. Dumping.


I am sure that all authors somehow work with templates. It’s just that someone really works to make something interesting out of this template, and someone changes the tonality, one note in the melody and “it’s done”


Hmm… I never worked with a templates)


There is nothing wrong with templates if you use them correctly. if you open each time an empty project, pick up the instruments, adjust their sound, look for timbres, suitable settings, then you don’t value your time at all.


Thank you very much for your post! I don’t understand why they did this - It’s very against buyers! I hope someone from envato will see your posts! They are making very strange decision these days. I’m understand that they are testing some stuff, but I’m asking why they are doing things against buyers? Many authors were writhing about this problem but noone listen!


For me it is not a question of time. It is a question of my motivation/inspiration. It is just not interesting for me to create a new track in old track project. It is very important for me to have a inspiration to create something absolutely new in every new track. Of course if I would work like a full time composer for a Hollywood films I would use a templates (because a tonnas of a works). But it is not so necessary to use a templates to create 6-7 tracks in month in stock music.


Quite a strange approach) Hans Zimmer told in his master class that he simply could not afford to use templates and presets. He starts each project from blank space, with a simple sine sound (if we are talking about synths. )And this can be understood, as millions of people in movies listen to his music. A composer for stocks is a person who creates the right balance between creativity, speed of work, quality and meeting the needs of the market. Creativity is what we all do here, but inspiration is just one of the tools that the author should use on AJ. Don’t look at templates as bad, they are our allies)


However… I just can’t see a inspiration in an old project when I want to make a new track. At least on this time. Who knows, maybe I will be use a templates in the future… If so, I will be have as minimum 100 templates)


There are templates, and then there are templates. I recall 20 or more years ago there were legendary stories about how he had an entire room full of Roland samplers, with each machine dedicated to one particular instrument, one particular articulation, with enough of them to recreate the sound of a full orchestra. It’s a bit unrealistic and overly romantic to think that every one of his scores begins with a completely blank slate or just a sine wave.

That said, it is important to vary one’s musical pallette, to keep things fresh, and avoid creating the same track over and over and over, as is so popular among some here at the jungle.


I came across 3 tracks in a row from a single author with this “it`s done”. Same instruments, same sound, even structure of the track was the same but with just a bit difference at the end.


I don’t know why Envato don’t want to fight with such a things. For example: if someone created a 3 almost the same tracks he must be banned on some time. But… it seems… business is business, nothing personal.


They make money either way.


But the quality of the market falls.


Back to topic with this wonderful screenshot…
To upload or not to upload, that’s the question!


Yea…My last sale was 20 days ago.


And so, on March 4 and the first sale … I do not cease to lose optimism, referring to the fact that there were just days off :slight_smile:

Do not lose faith guys, continue to work.
Everything will be, you need more time and patience!:metal::metal::metal:


@EightBallAudio, everyone has his own opinion and his own view of things, there are always enough skeptics…


2 sales so far, both broadcast :slight_smile: