AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


2 sales left to level 6 of the author, but no sales. Hahahaha…


Hope we are not Jack , hope we are Dicaprio (after AJ-Titanic we will have new roles, more popularity, more skills, more money). :sunglasses:


And an Oscar ( Here it means being “Elite”)


Much more likely you get eaten by a bear.


Waiting for the last $60 to Elite status.
I bet only Sfx will be sold now…


February now have a very good chance to become my new 3rd best month ever! :3rd_place_medal:

I’ll try to replace my 2nd & 1st later this year. But for that, I will need to train like Rocky Balboa first. :sweat_smile:


1 sale and I will get my $50. Not gonna happen though. Thanks, Envato


Yeah, sales are not what they used to be. But enough to pay for my rent-to-own Studio One) And because of that - thanks Envato!:tada::wink:


3 days without sales, absolutely dead. :skull_and_crossbones:


So true.


2 days without sales! So sad…


1sale all month this is creepy


This is the worst start of the year.


there is very small reprise… after a horrible february, in the last days i have got a couple of sales… let’s hope to go over the 50$ threshold!


3 :sunrise_over_mountains::skull:


I would like at least 50 to dial:smiley::smiley::smiley:


Not everything is so scary, as many people say, I was lucky even against their background :sweat_smile:
But February itself was very bad… Let’s hope that these are temporary difficulties))

I wish everyone successfully complete February!:v::grin:


Blows my mind how many people are still using the Fencidat mutes. Don’t get me wrong, they were a great little set of samples, but now it seems like 70%+ of new corporate tracks today are using them.



Yes Envato should change the name of the site to “Templatejungle”


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