AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


I’ve given up for February due to this search experiment thing and banners

I hope things will start to pick up in March


After a pretty solid first half of February - 1/3 of which came from one hefty 10 Million Broadcast license - I am now experiencing the longest period of absolute nothingness than I can ever recall in my nearly 5 years here.

I’m actually getting genuinely worried about what the future holds here.


Honestly I can’t believe the decisions that are being made, does anyone have ideas what good might come out of these experiments?

Look at the Top New Files/In the last day:

This would be perfectly normal for a Sunday, but in the middle of a week where we have an on going email campaign driving traffic + Google advertisement presence for keywords like royalty free music (never seen this before).

I wonder if anyone can remember what those “In the last day” numbers used to be last year?


dead, dead, dead everywhere! :frowning:


I watch those numbers very often and usually the sales for the last day are between 10% to 15% of total tracks uploaded in the last day. So usually the sales for last day normally would be 36 to 54 for 362 total tracks.


Yes thats the same numbers I remember from this year, but do you remember more backwards like 6 months ago etc?


I will say one unpleasant thing for you: the System that helped to create and maintain the company - stopped doing it.

It’s all about breaking the rules. Companies that take on the responsibility of working with society should first of all organize everything in such a way that everyone would be comfortable. This company makes every effort only to ensure that it was comfortable only to her.

Because of the lack of understanding of the basics of the system in this way killed huge corporations and nothing helped them.

When the forum gave signs and warnings, no one paid attention to them. Now we just have to watch what happens next.


The percentage used to be very steady since I remember even for last year about 10% to 15% sales for last day. This numbers is for LOW. In the case of MEDIUM sales for those 362 tracks it used to be much more than 2 tracks with medium sales it used to be more like 6 to 10 tracks with medium sales for 362 items.


February is poor in sales. Only 2.


Two sales this week, but still far behind my best months…
The only hopeful sign is that my sales are NOT completely dead!
Boo Hoo Hoo, Four Leaf Clover and Good luck to all of us, struggling through this month authors!


February now equal with January. 8 more days to raise the score.

Won’t get a gold medal, but a bronze one is not impossible… :3rd_place_medal:

That said, if I don’t reach the top 3, I will still be happy with February as my new 4th best month ever. :sunglasses:


My february is in the top3, but in the bottom top3… :sweat_smile:


Walk on your hands, you will see it the other way. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :innocent:


I have been with low sales around a year, so im used to this situation. All that i can say (or sing) is… :wink::grin:


Hahaha! :smile:

I make fun, but the state of things is worrying. I managed to make another good month, but I can clearly see that many recent Envato changes don’t seems to play in favor of most authors. Hope I won’t join the choir and sing this song next year! :sweat_smile:


You mean other markets too?


yes, everywhere… :disappointed_relieved:
been slowly but steadily decreasing


I have a new great idea for AJ and these new experiments.

Why not instead of “newest items sort option”?? change it to “ghostly songs made by maniacal musicians who do not know that the average life expectancy is eighty years and only in the case that eternity is achieved thanks to the advance in silicon chips alone and only in that case, maybe one day they can earn a living with music.”

Ok let’s try to state positive

Turbo sarcastic mode “on”




Dead as hell again for me but still going to keep working as hard as I can despite all the headwinds since tracks can still sell months down the line. And honestly because I don’t know what else to do. Man I wish I joined a few years ago though :confused: