AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


That’s awesome, mate! Congrats!


Thanks a lot! :smiley:
And good luck to you! :sunny:




Thanks! Cool song. :sunglasses:


Absolute Deadness




The last week i got 9 (!) licenses only, and now no any signs of life two days in a row.
Anyway, there are frequent posts in a " Last Sold Track" thread, so i can only hope it is not So bad at all.


0 No one sale all month and now after “Elements-Titanic-Desolation” we have the “Frankestein-experiments” to give priority again to those old dinosaurs high sales tracks.


Recently watched Cameron’s Titanic, and quickly made the analogy. The Elites, the lifeboats (elements), and the rest of the people (authors) left to drown.


The only twist is that the lifeboats are bought for $16,50 a piece and are very fragile and uncontrolled. It might be better to steer away from the iceberg and protect the mother ship. And demand proper lifeboats :slight_smile:



So, are we “The Poor Jack”? :joy: We know what happens in the end.


The worst thing in Titanic is if Rose just moved her selfish fat butt a bit, Leonardo would fit next to her on that floating wood and survive. The same thing is Elements, if only banners were removed, AJ would survive together with Elements :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Sad butt true.




Elements - - > seek&destroy. :guitar::guitar::guitar::joy:


Amazing straightness. Ahahahaha :joy::rofl:


Well he died in that movie, but at least he finally got long-time deserved Oscar last year. Now we’re just waiting for Jim Carrey to finally get it. :slight_smile:


So Im almost like Leonardo. Got long time deserved sale last week :muscle::tada::medal_military::1st_place_medal::trophy:


In fact, as they wrote that they are studying the problem in which you wrote in your topic about banners (removal of banners from the Envato market). I can not understand what can be studied there (almost 2 months), if they can be removed within 2 minutes.