AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


May be you should start to produce in a new category. Diversification is a good all time seller.


Very, very quiet. January was actually better for me than February, so far.


Same here, weekend mode whole month for me.


$6,99 is the best birthday present!


Happy Birthday! Im still waiting for my today birthday gift… Now is 0 $.


Absolutely… well you know how it goes.


Only 1 sale in february, unfortunately.


Guys i thought its just me got sales blocked but seems like the entire family is complaining :frowning: 1 sale in February !! that is so weird really


Yeah I’m getting a bit of activity on another site now. Was worse but tide seems to have turned… Considering envatos review time and the impact elements seems to be having… they are doing a good job of making competition look more appealing for authors.


Thanks for the answer, I also want to start in another place … because Envato for me to roll down …


np, yeah it’s a real shame because the envato community is by far the best, but the people at the top are making some really destructive decisions (most notably that damn elements banner everywhere) :frowning:


Totally agree


The last decade of the month has arrived, I hope the sales will return. Yes, and today I turned 2 years old. :slight_smile: 2 years of active, hard work on AJ. I wish everyone successfully complete February! :sunny:


crickets for months here (hardly check stats now), competitors are up (and climbing)…main efforts go to tv/film libs lately


Thanks for the answer! Strange, but after my post yesterday, I had a sale of an extended license (for 10 million ), 3 more sales at night … I don’t remember that for a long time … maybe someone turn on my sales button? :slight_smile:
I have an account on a competitive website, I just don’t have enough time, but now there are almost 500 tracks in the AJ portfolio, and when there are no sales in a few days, I tell myself to start writing for another site :sunglasses:


nice! congratz…maybe its a sign, best to follow your instincts…as for me, i pretty much follow a simple rule “dont put all your eggs in one basket”…learned that the hard way back then…


After a decent Monday, Tuesday is completely empty.


On my last report, I mentioned that I wouldn’t be surprised to hit the floor by the 16th day. It did not happened. One more indication that I’m pretty bad at trying to read in the future! Still on my way to beat January.

Also, I sold a very short logo at $19 yesterday. With the unfair Elements banner luring some customers away and the silly trend of lower than low price tags, I take it as a small victory! :sunglasses::v:


Not a single sale for 12 days and now,… Out of the blue, one of my oldest logos just got sold. Strange, because the item had 0 sales before. Feels good :slightly_smiling_face: more hope for the older ones


Edit: Sales escalated quickly! Now very confident to beat January in a few days. :sunglasses:

Take that, Elements: :facepunch: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: