AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Yep, guilty of that too. Sometimes I feel all it does is make me change my mind on how to approach the market about 5 times a day since there’s too much info to adjust to lol. Still going to do it though, just out of some obsessive need to try and understand it all, even if it is hopeless :sweat_smile:


Empty week. Very few purchases since Sunday, 10.


When I read Sarah_G statement - Audio is Coming to Elements

“We believe that audio will contribute positively to author earnings.”

I clicked like, in the hope see new customers & buyers.

The result is obvious? Or my translator incorrectly translated the text of this article? and I got it all wrong? :slight_smile:

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone :heart:!


Here is now new year holidays will hold its all normalized. Now, now Valentine’s day will be held and sales will return. Now summer vacation will end and all will be well…

the year 2045 has come…


At least i can be an elite author when the year 2045 has arrived :rofl:


This is my graph so far. To give some weight to Marbury’s Theory, I also had a down after the 7th. Not absolutely dead, but close enough. Then, a nice unexpected peak has revived my hopes. From which I soon started to fall down. I wouldn’t be surprised to hit the floor soon and experiment a «Zero Sales» day.

That said, I have decided to stay calm this time and leave all my «failed strategist» predictions behind. Time has always been more accurate than me, anyway. So, I bow down and will let him choose the outcome this month. Maybe also this whole year. And the next. And so on. I feel free! Good luck! :sunglasses:



On the road to my record of days without sales! :muscle::sweat_smile::cry:


Cool! A record is a record! Or… wait a minute… not cool at all… :pensive:

With or without (Sales)? Best of luck for next weeks!


You got me with U2. One of my favourite band of all times. :heart::heart_eyes:

And i still say, at least we got Stone Roses. :muscle::muscle:

Good luck!!

PS; The second part of this song is PERFECT. From 3:45 till the end.
I used to play that bass line in the rehearsals.


it’s been exactly 1 week when I had my last sale. Still no signs of life for me. Feels good I’m not the only one having this problem here. I hope it will change. I still think when it comes to stock audio, aj is the best and luckiest marketplace for me. Other places I know really suck and have zero visibility. Sales will return soon, good luck to everyone !


Groovy end for sure! Must have been a blast to play in rehearsals! Keep your hopes!


Yeah I’ve been non-exclusive for about 6 weeks now and uploaded a ton onto other sites… Now sure that isn’t long enough to judge properly but Envatos so called main competitor feels about a 1000 miles behind in terms of community vibe and sales… the whole site just feels ‘empty’ for me. Thanks to the uncertainty around elements and the review times often getting very long on here I feel forced into being non-exclusive atm though.


A great Feb so far…14 sales (usually my monthly average) at the midway point. :+1:


Agreed, 44 sales so far that looks very promising for an exellent result this month with new ADP prices.
And $500 to go to reach Elite - Hooohaaa!:sunglasses:


10 days without sales :crazy_face::disappointed_relieved:


Congratulations on the end of the journey to the Elite! Successful road! :balloon::sparkles:


No sales and the weekend is already here, so i think i´m going to beat my worst record!! :joy::sweat_smile:

And this morning i received from a client an email about a youtube claim with one of my tracks…
And it is a really a weird and strange thing.
But hey!, it could worse,… it could be rain. :rofl:

PS; I just checked the weather and it says this afternoon is going to rain here!! HAHAHAHAHAA


Absolutely …:skull:


One of those days, eh @Manriquedelara?

Well, to make you feel better, I haven’t had many sales this week and I am getting 8 inches of snow where I live.


None of my older tracks are selling but my new ones are! Sold one of my new tunes about an hour after it being accepted earlier today and it’s only had like 6 views so got lucky there! Here’s to hoping things continue to pick up going into the second half of the month. Good luck guys! :ok_hand: