AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


No problem.

Back to the topic : January was a good month for me. And i hope things will get better from now on.


As long as everything is bad, it’s not possible to finish the month properly, everything is only needed 4 SALES. Where are they? Less than 2 days left. Buyers are you where?:face_with_monocle:


Its because a capping band is restricting any further sales for the month. It seems to be a pattern I have experienced month after month. You can’t win. The system dictates.


Some really bad January…


I agree with you. January was distinguished by good sales but now something has changed?


I don’t know what’s the matter…


You keep referring to this supposed cap, so could you explain how it might work?
What happens if a potential buyer tries to purchase an item?


The buyer sees nothing through the cloaking device.


What does that mean?


It’s a means of making something deliberately memorable without knowing it was right, unjustified or pseudo somnambulist around the Rubycon.


The end of the month is really dry here. Was expecting a record January, but at least it’s not my worst ever.


Very slow end of the month and the week hasn’t been better, but i didn’t stop uploading and got 6 items approved, but only one sold…
US customers are back somewhat though!
Always hoping for the best and preparing for even more work and uploads!


The month really turned out to be very slow, with a low number of sales (25 in total), but with an average income for me. Of course, I did not collect 4 sales, but I think that there is no point in waiting for them. Also: this month I have only 1 buyer from the USA (this is an unpleasant novelty for me), which is very strange. In general, something like this.


January was great mostly thanks to Chinese New Year tracks and quite a few bigger licences. Expecting quite a drop next month as I sold very few “other” tracks this month. Oh and I should be the proud owner of an elite badge in a couple of hours :blush:


Congratulations!!! :tada:


These two last weeks was quite productive, so i can’t say the month is so bad. “Not very good”, sounds better anyway :slight_smile: And yes, the bigger" licenses has disappeared again. So, high hopes on Feb.


Disappointing month.


No sales since 16th January. Hoping for better days.


Not a bad month, considering I have not uploaded anything since many months. 10$ less than December (which was my 4th best ever). I can live with that.

With some new items ready to upload, I guess I have pretty good chances to keep my rhythm or do better next month. :sunglasses:


It’s roller coaster as usual, wish everyone good February ahead! :sunny: :fireworks: