AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Sales fall 3 times this month!!! what motivation is there?


Blue monday yet


It became boring - sales is not enough (1 sale in 3-4 days, now) (sometimes (some time ago - six months ago) there were 10-12 sales in 1 day). :frowning: So not interesting. I do not know what will happen next. Now no happiness, no fun, no inspiration.

I wilted. Everything is terrible!


Disastrous month around here too. I guess the Element’s negative effects are starting to settle and some of us will probably have to get used to a significantly lower level of incomes. January is not a typical month, though, so despite my pesimistic predictions, I won’t jump to conclusions yet. Good luck everybody!


Yes it works for me! I am glad!


Absolutely dead.


Not a single sale in 26 days. Elements or not, I cannot find any reason to stay here.


9 days without sales!


A worryingly slow start to the year. I’m hoping things start to pick up going into February but I’m not going to lie, this is a painful month.


One sale for January. Sadly…


I have a hard start to the year for everyone.
5 very interspersed sales this first fortnight.
Still do not despair.
The sixth has arrived a few minutes ago as a gift as an extended license.
There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Good luck to all!
Greetings creative minds!


Absolutely not dead.


One new sale today, and it’s a really old track, one of my first from 2010. It’s also my first sale for that track, and at least that makes me forget how dry sales in January are.


Couldn’t be deader.


Had a lucky day yesterday with a bulk buyer! The company bought a whole bunch of licenses. Happens only once in a blue moon but it’s always nice when it does. No idea why they’d need so many licenses, but hey, I ain’t complaining :smiley:

Other than that, sales are fairly slow. Time to change that…

Look out AJ, eight new tracks coming your way!



10 million license saves my week.

BTW, in Elements i got more in December than in AJ. Even more than almost the rest of the months here. It worths.


As soon as I said that I was doing well with sales (a little higher), and they were blown away like the wind, I am once again convinced that it is better to never say that sales are good!

Absolute zero now, almost 3 days without sales!


I can at least confirm that the US buyers are returning. From now on let’s hope for “up and beyond.”

Good luck folks.


Dead! 6 days without sales then 1 sale yesterday and now 1 day without sales and counting.


Happy for you bro! :crossed_fingers: :smiley: