AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


My last sale was 5 days ago.


Dead silent… :face_with_head_bandage:


Just had a 10 million broadcast licence sale!!! Beyond hyped right now.


Wow… Cool! :+1:


Thanks! :slight_smile:


10 million broadcast licence toooo =))))))))))


Waiting for my turn :slight_smile:
Good luck everyone!


Awesome stuff!! :smiley: Grats!


Absolutely cappy dead.


Fun fact: Your last sale was $27 23 days ago.


First sale of the year today. That brings my grand total to 2 :joy:


4 days of dead silence.


This is the calm before the storm…


I have been looking at my previous years’ stats and I am almost quietly confident that January for me always starts slowly for a couple of weeks and then from mid January sales pick up. Only 12 sales so far but I have high hopes for my new tracks in the queue.


only 1 sale in january (A 1 million broadcast…), not that am a big seller but still 1 sale in almost 2 weeks…


Absolutely dead.


one logo sale and one tiny fx sale so far this month. Hope that sales will increase, good luck to everyone !


Half of the average here. And it’s a middle of January! Time for things to be back to normal.


Maaaan, I really need the sales to go up these incoming weeks and months… Just 6 sales, mates! :pig::four_leaf_clover::sunrise_over_mountains:


Totally unexpected track sale, couldn’t belive it because it was a brand new track and some of you know what’s going on with new items. Motivation is back again☺️