AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Utterly woeful. Diabolical.


These micro thumbnails are a mystery to me. The reasoning from Envato was as far as I understood to “minimise” the effect of bad thumbnails which yes there are plenty of…

But still the micro style is taking it to far, then it would be better to remove them completely or resize them at least 50-100% up. Now most of the thumbnails looks like “visual noise” unless you have a super simple shape without any text or sales info etc. I´m not sure on how to adapt to this at all.


I agree. This part can be good, but eeew, those micro-thumnails… A bunch of undefined colored pixels… Not my cup of tea for sure. I hope it’s just one of those crazy Envato experiments. :sweat_smile:


Yeah, a lot of thumbnails look very cheap, but still… We are now the ugliest and completely faceless marketplace :smiley: Top selling codes and scripts have more personality than music.

Look at these beautiful graphics on top sellers:


We’ve been punished for our ugly graphics :smiley: :rofl:


Same thing happened with YouTube… I remember back in like 2009 when you could fully customise channel backgrounds and stuff. Everything felt so much more like a community back then. I hope AJ doesn’t take out too much of the individuality of profiles.


Last week; 3 sales. This week; 0 sales.



definitely lots of bad thumbnails… mine included! i was in the process of having a proper design done but I don’t think I’ll bother now though… at least till we see how this all shakes out. Glad I didn’t spend the money!


Slow week and month for now, but that is to be expected! So many holidays cleaned the pockets of our customers, plus nobody is in the mood of spending anything then the necessary things after the New Year celebrations and Christmas!
US customers are back for me though, but the other part of the world disappeared!
Hope it will pick up with the coming days and weeks!
Good luck to everyone! :beers: :four_leaf_clover: :beers:


I see you have the same problem with some thumbnails being cut off because of long title. So I guess thats a general problem that needs to be reported.


I also tried browsing the site with Safari 9.1.2 (on a Macbook Pro) and this crazy mess turns up:

I suspect it to be because my Safari version is old? Anyone else experiencing buggy layout like this?


Well, it is close to mid month and there are still no any serious counter moves since Dec, 15 (except only 2 decent days). Will this ends some day or i am really miss something?


Worst month ever for me here.
The best decision i took last year was start to sell in other places, now AJ has become the worst of all them.

Good luck to all!

PS; Yesterday i found an user selling other people tracks, and i know that is a multiple account…
Obviously, i opened a ticket, waiting for response.


Well … I would have seemed to be so good at overclocking this month, but I stalled … I need gasoline and a couple of free hands to get me out of the ditch.:slight_smile: I wish you all good sales!


Wow, 3 sales this week. Usually, 18-25/week is my average.
Very strange and scary, I haven’t seen this since early 2017.


A-HA-HA-HAH!!! I received 120 dollars in 10 days! Even 2 years ago, when there were 20 items in my portfolio, there were more sales in this month.


My trend of sales went the same way. A couple of years ago when I only had like 5-10 tracks in my portfolio sales were exploding, then the never ending low came and I decided to make more logos to increase sales, but the opposite was the case. F…ked up Situation




oh okay…


3 days without sales.


Actually seeing signs of life these last few days!