AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


You mean the new design? Or the prices?


The design. We’ve had new prices for a few months now :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm. I hadn’t seen this change already… I don’t like this new design.

I don’t know (for the moment) what it looks like on a bigger screen, but on my old laptop, right now, I need to scroll and scroll and scroll to see all the items… Not a good thing, in my book.

And what’s the point of having an original brand icon if it takes a magnifying glass to see it?


Audiojungle is becoming more like the P5 :thinking:


This is what it looks like on a 4K screen. Even with a massive resolution like this, only 9 cards are visible.


Well, it’s «a little» better than on my laptop, but still, it looks so generic and non-inspiring. It was way better before and surely, more fair for all authors on the page, in my humble opinion. :thinking:


This year start by far much lower than the last year (50% YoY). Hope that buyers wake up now.


They have updated popular lists now with all the sub genres, which is a BIG positive I believe. Hopefully this out weights the sizing issues in terms of a little better visibility for new popular items.


Only 6 six sales for 8 days. Bad, very bad !!! So far this is the worst beginning of the month in 2 years!!!


Two sales so far in January. Slow indeed.


Finally breakthrough :slight_smile: Thank you Monaco!


only 1 sale in january :tired_face: I do not know where we are going


Everybody says that the world is on the verge of a global financial crisis. Maybe this is somehow connected with a low number of sales, except for holidays?


I will set my refresh F5 frequence to every two days…may be then I see a $$$ change.


Hahaha! So true! :sweat_smile:


What is F5 frequence? I’m sorry I don’t understand… I wondered :smiley:


2 (full track) sales today and one sale 2 days ago… seems to be picking up again hopefully!


Yes. But I think US has not returned on full force yet


Yeah none of the buyers were US… both today were from the same buyer in Italy and like 20 uploads apart :smiley: Just goes to show that buyers do actually look through profiles :slight_smile: I’m very grateful to this buyer!


On ultrawide 29’’ screen, only 6 are visible. (2 rows)
There’s no point of having thumbnails there now, you need a microscope to see them anyway :smiley:
Look at videohive, codecanyon… It looks really great, every item is full of color and personality. All we got is this grey sound wave and a micro thumbnail :sleepy: