AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


This December is the worst month for me this year. But I need another 1-2 sales to fix it. If there are 2 more sales, August will be the worst month, because in August I rested and traveled.


I would like to add, that this whole year was a little different in my case. For 4 years best months for me were summer (june-july) with december being the best. This year it is total opposite - bad summer and basically empty december. I think summer sales have suffered because of World Cup hysteria (partially), + there was too many changes on Envato side with Elements being the most controversial. But it is what it is…time to learn from it and move forward…Wish everybody a happy new year and great sales in years to come


Absolutely getting a pulse.


Yep, no sales since three days.
And I guess, it will continue till year´s end.

Anyway, 2018 was by far the best year here on AudioJungle.
Keep on rocking in 2019.

Happy new year


Best week ever!! 1 sale. :joy:


Absolutely the same!


Super week, week of gifts and happiness, 2 sales! :rofl:


3 sales, no matter of uploads. Thanks, Envato,


Worst month, worst end of year. But if there’s the best, so there anyhow should be the worst.


This happened. I got another sale. And now, December is not the worst month for me, August becomes the worst))) Thanks to my customers !!!


It makes me happy! :laughing: December is not so bad! :wink:


C´mon!! I just need 15 sales to do something interesting this month!! :muscle: :sweat_smile:


First of all, I´ve had a great year overall here in AJ so I´m very happy and grateful for that!

As you can see December have been very bad month for me, over 50% drop compared to average month income, 80% (!) drop from November to December. For the first time I have had equally many (or equally few…) sales on other non exclusive sites. If I remember correctly the popular files list looked stronger last christmas as well, correct me if I´m wrong.

Credits removal/forced transaction fees/forced paperwork for companies versus Elements with none of that “atonal customer jazz” will of course influence buyers where to shop music/sfx in the most convenient way. I´m not anti all subscription models, but for sure very anti “making regular customers lives hard”.

As a stubborn optimist I hope Envato will take seriously the great suggestions from the AJ community in 2018 and implement some of it in 2019. The AJ market really needs renewal of the rigid search engine and Envato needs better understanding of the value professional music licensing have.

I definitely think AJ should have the potential to grow much more simply because of the large “hidden” pool of outstanding talents and assets, and the growth of Audio demand worldwide. AJ seemed to be doing fine when totally free music was available, so I think it´s all about understanding your markets. Professionals still have respectable money to spend on music.

Have a great inspiring, uplifting and epical new year everybody! Hope to see some cheerful sale stats here as well :slight_smile:


These fast changes has shaken the market for a while that’s for sure. But I believe it’s a temporary situation. When the dust settles, the authors who make quality music will be climbing the ladders. So I’m optimistic for the next year. But again time will show.


Thanks Elements! Looks like a race to the bottom:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:



Hey, considering December is one of the worst months for sales on AJ (Xmas, New Year’s slumps), you did pretty well and almost reached November sales!

Here’s mine:


Cold comfort I suppose but the trend for me since Elements was introduced is dropping.


I don’t think it’s all about the elements. ın October i was almost inactive in uploading. Since November i’m trying be constantly active. Here’s the result :



I don’t think uploading makes sales.


Maybe avoiding the trends and cliches (I mean corporate, uplifting ukulele, epic etc) helps.