AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


A little update here. Anyway, empty day is not a cool start of a month…


I know the feeling. In the middle of my Year 12 exams I was producing AJ music like an absolute madman :rofl:


haha!! Good to know the tactic works then! :joy:


Hahaha, story of my life, currently doing the Wwise-251 certification. They also just launched the 301 which goes more in depth in the Unity integration stuff. I’m eager to do it. But hey, we’re TOTALLY off-topic here. Dead since yesterday. :frowning:


Oh nice man good luck! :smiley: yeah I’ve only just got my head around FMOD but plan to learn Wwise when uni calms down… and oh yeah true haha! yeah, dead so far this month for me :sweat_smile: got 8 new items pending though.


I’ll check!




Absolutely diabolical start to Dec.


I am waiting for business days, cause weekend sales are rarity in my case. And it is also very interesting to see how things will go in december, which is usually the best month of the year. Last december is still the best one


I guess December will be best only for those who create a seasonal Christmas tracks. A many customers will be on holiday in Christmas time. Well, the time will show. But I’m not sure about best December at least for me, because I’m not create a seasonal Christmas tracks. I don’t know… but there was no any inspiration to create a Christmas tracks in this year.


I see your point! But surprisingly, i didn’t have a single christmas track back then (and now). The only christmas track i had, made 0 sales in 1 year, so i deleted it) Yet, other genres were in demand.


Well, I will hope on my depressive and sad tracks in the Christmas time! :slight_smile:


December is already here!
So time has come:


BOOO HOOO HOOO I hope it works!


Pulled off what was seemingly the impossible. Sold 1 Music and Broadcast Film license for 999. Should easily put me on a path to my best month in 2018. A lot is possible with author driven pricing. Client in Korea.
Everyone take notes, including Envato. Quit chasing after those who don’t have any money. Selling this ONE license was as if I sold 52 at the old pre adp standard.


Incredible! Congratulations! Hmm … There is something to think about … Very interesting, and what genre?


Congrats! Happy for you :slight_smile: Looking forward to one of those myself!


is groove, a hip hop, to funky, this pop, of happy, in comical upbeat… kind of track.


What is this mixture? 7 genres in one track? :slight_smile: Intriguing! Do you really have such a track(because you yourself mentioned it) (doubt arose)? For curiosity? :face_with_monocle:


This month I didn’t used boo hoo technique. It is surprisingly good so far. It is the best beginning of the month TBH.


Sales have disappeared again for me…