AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


5 sales this month already and you’ve been inactive for 3 months?? Damn! you should keep uploading, u’ll be a millionaire in no time with that amount of success your items are having! :sweat_smile: For real though, that’s awesome! Grats! :smiley:


Hahaha, well, to reach millionaire level, I would need to start uploading more music here ! The bulk of my portfolio consist of sound effects… I manage to get some decent money out of that stream, but believe me, I’m faaar from rich! :sweat_smile:


haha, you’re still doing really well though! :slight_smile: I can only hope I’ll be doing as well as you once I have as many items. It’s very encouraging to see that you’re still getting sales after being inactive for months though that’s for sure!


Portfolio size sure helps, but let me share my main «trick» with you: I just try to build it in a balanced way. Upload some common stuff/new twists on proven concepts, but also some very niche items. By sticking with this method, I rarely have a very bad month.

Good luck to you around here! :sunglasses:


Aaah that makes sense! Thanks for the advice, I’ll deffo do that! I guess it has the added bonus of keeping you sharp as an artist too.

And thanks :slight_smile: same to you! I’ll most likely stay pretty active on here so I’m sure you’ll see me celebrating or ranting from time to time :joy:


Might also do some of my own Foley or Sound effects as well tbh. Been studying it at uni (studying creative music production) and have my own field recorder so might as well put it to good use.


Nothing like a fresh month’s flag count!


2 sales in 4 hours



Yay! What gear are you using!? I enjoy so much doing foley work!


Absolutely dead.


4 days without sales! Already not at all funny! Will Envato ever sell tracks normally or not? :smiling_imp: How many more tracks need to be uploaded to get one sale per week?! :smiling_imp: How much more time and energy is needed to create music in order not to get any sales? Envato where is the sales?


Here is mine:



Interesting. Such a number of views on Saturday will give some kind of profit in the future? :thinking:


Wooww 81 views? That’s surely not a coincidence, maybe envato put your item on email newsletter?


I think this is due to the fact that my track is in the first line on the request of “xmas”.
It seemed to me that the search is set to a high price. After two sales of the track for 39, he appeared on the first line and this is a large number of views. Is this a bonus to a high price? :thinking::grinning:


No sales since Tuesday… November wasn’t bad, though, eventhough there were many Holidays and Sales events!
Hoping for a great December!


Olympus LS-12 for field recording stuff with a Rycote windshield :slight_smile: Then at uni we got a professional studio with tons of different mics. I live in the countryside so enjoy going out into the hills and field recording more than studio stuff myself though :slight_smile: What gear do you use?


Ouch, but hey, it’s weekend afterall. Absolutely dead since yesterday on my side too. :snowflake:


For me is more of a hobby. I use a Zoom H6 with an Audio Technica AT875R and a Rycote pistol-grip windshield for outdoors and some standard condenser mics in studio. I also use the XY and M-S setups for ambiences and environments.


Oh niice! :smiley: yeah field recording/foley stuff is deffo more a side hobby for me too. I’m interested in game audio though and have played around with unity and middleware, so do plan to get better at it as a backup if stock music doesn’t work out in the future. Trying to take it one step at a time atm though, juggling uni and spending so much time trying to improve at stock music is already throwing my sleeping pattern off :joy: