AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


is epic to holiday of claps the happy in inspiration?


What are “new year tracks”? How should this sound exactly? :smiley:


You are Into Epically That Correct Is! But keep in mind that if “This Is Christmas” and “That Is Christmas” simultaneously then nothing is Christmas, or Christmas is a quantic phenomenon. :exploding_head:


Basically…Epical ukulele claptastic kazoo palm mute :wink:


I have Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture Finale” that I hope will bring some New Year fireworks - probably will not but oh well it was fun doing it.


the fun like when its correct is epic.


See advertising Coca-Cola! Something like this! :smiley:


That’s Christmas!


New Year’s and Christmas! :laughing: All in one bottle!


A decent month…18 sales including a Broadcast (1 Million) License.

Good Luck in December everyone…oh and Merry Christmas fellow Junglers!! :santa::christmas_tree: :+1: :slight_smile:


I found an example of the new year track! Mistery solved.


Not that! Too old sounds! :rofl: And although not so bad! :rofl:


I have the jumper but since I have curly hair I cannot participate.


@WaveToys “At dawn”


Thank you to those who helped a little to climb a little higher in the positions on audiojungle! My modest sales schedule :nerd_face:

I wish everyone success and of course happy holidays! :partying_face:


Diggin your last track! Really cool!


I’m sure you’ll be more succesful in the future.
Good luck.


Amazing song)


Thank you bro! :wink:


Already 5 sales in December (still November 30 at my place!). :sunglasses:

Far from a world record, of course, but it is nice to realize that it’s still possible to make some passive money in the royalty free world near the year 2019 (I’m inactive since three months).

Good luck to all in the year to come ! This place is still worth investing time and efforts in it.