AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Not sure if you can define it as a abuse (or some would likely argue here), but the current system is outdated and are practically encouraging price dumping. And that is a major problem which will not decrease in the future.

Also every time this topic is discussed, more authors are “inspired” to try this golden Willy Wonka ticket to get trending or sail into the popular files list giving their tracks away for free.

We are not allowed to discuss prices, but there is a pretty obvious “gentleman agreement” in the search engine of what pricing you can try if you want to raise the odds of your track trending. I suggest sending some moderators down the search engine, keep things civilised.


My bad - changing to “Gaming The System”.


I see your point, and it’s a good one.

I think a lot of what we discuss on the forums is focused primarily on “how do Envato’s decisions and policies affect our (authors’) bottom lines.”

To effectively influence Envato to make decisions and policies that are author-friendly, we need to demonstrate that what we want (modifications to search, ADP, or whatever it might be) positively influences revenue growth for Envato.

Often, it feels like we’re making vague “gee, this is unfair to me” complaints. I am not referring to your post, @WaveToys. I’m making a general observation about a lot of what gets posted on the forums.

If we want to really affect changes that help authors, those changes have to make solid business sense for Envato. They have to provide an opportunity for Envato to make money.

I think that keeping that in mind when presenting ideas or arguments is helpful.


This is the very key I think + Persistent pressure. The odds are MUCH higher that authors will be listened to if we focus on the battles that will benefit Envato´s income. Like revenue factor in the search engine, broadcast licenses update etc


3 days since new track was published, no sales. And i already feel it, the door has been shut again, till the next month, no matter what. Lol, so predictable sometimes.

P.S. No, there was a sale :sweat_smile:


October was awesome, November is back to average. So it can be interpreted as a huge (40%) month-to-month drop, or as a normal fluctuation.


3 days without sales! :neutral_face:


Well, three last days is ok, counter begans its work at last.
Nice to see a film license again (even for a logo).
Hope for a decent Dec, to improve this sudden Autumn drop.


My last sale just brought me to my best ever month in 4 years on Audiojungle!! :partying_face:

I attribute this entirely to the power of my moustache. (And Christmas music)

Edit: I should also point out, that this is largely thanks to ADP. I only sold a 3rd of the licences of my previous best month, but made slightly more income.


A bunch of surprise sales at the last minute turned November to a pretty good month.

ADP really helps: September, October and November are now my best months ever. :sunglasses:


Best week ever. Best month ever. Just wow :heart_eyes:

Despite no trending tracks. No popular files. No sales for new items…

But somehow I beat my previous best month’s earnings (December 2016) when I had a trending track that was on the popular files page!

ADP rocks. Thanks Envato


2nd best month ever in my 3 years as a jungler, surpassed only by June, where I got quite lucky with a few World Cup related tracks. I have to admit Elements had no negative impact on my side… yet.


The month was not the best, or rather 3 below, and did not meet my expectations, and also gave an impetus for me to think closer to the New Year to leave with exclusivity(and work with other audiostocks that can at least sell something.). Great weekend to everyone! Good luck to all!


Are we somehow similar? :grinning:


[removed by mod]

Sales number for me this month has been 25% less than average, but I think other factors than price have influenced that as well.

Good luck to everyone in December and remember to value your talents properly, because if you don´t no one else will and you are in fact literally loosing money. There are clearly customers present at this site with good budgets.


You have 4 below, you 2 position higher above of my minimum. Ahahahah :joy:


December and holiday is coming, wish everyone good sales!! :smiley:


Hahaha, and me without a single christmas or new year track in my whole portfolio. I expect a drop this month so I promise not to rant too much around the thread! :smiley:
Wish everyone a good “This Holiday”, “That Holiday”, “Holiday it” or “In Holiday is”! :face_vomiting::rofl:


Epic Inspiring Ukulele Holidays Clap Step


Holiday without sales is not a holiday! The film “Elysium” is an obvious comparison for the Elements that take away my sales!