AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Just 3 broadcast license 1 mill out of 71 sales so far. Seems fewer than usual, and I usually have a few of the bigger licenses too.
Maybe its the higher prices that makes the treshold for buying a correct license higher?


Maybe, but i still don’t increase all the prices, just for some tracks and packages to hold the previous average income, at least.


Christmas search results: And the prices are sad, from top Authors too…


AJ post-Elements survival guide:

  1. Make your tracks dirt cheap.
  2. Hope and pray…


Wowwww this is sad :frowning:


Take a look at popular files this week, a big shift of top sellers compared to previous weeks. Something weird is happening.
Search engine change or discounts?


Welcome to the Wild West - Yeehaw.


Cyber Monday.


Cyber monday and another huge discount (or dumping?) under $10 :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, it was Cyber Monday, but I didn’t expect it to completely change the order of the first 10-15 top files. This was solid as a rock for months :slight_smile:


Aah the charity of Christmas… Then again, if you churn out the same ukulele, chimes and sleigh bells tracks every year, then surely 5 dollars is exactly what they are worth!

I want to give another perspective to the price dumping. My earnings have been great both last month and this with 6x 1million licenses out of 56 total this month. Also, my earnings for this Oct and Nov are much higher (50%+) than the same months last year too. It’s just that I’m not visible in these popular file lists, but somehow people are finding my tracks. Stay strong AJers…!


Not all dinosaurs died in the mass extinction 60 million years ago.
Learn to fly.



We got a rootin’ tootin’ showdown boy.


I simply don’t understand how people can sell their work for this little. After Envato’s $4 fee… these authors are making like $1-$2 for these sales.


Any cowboy can carry a tune. The trouble comes when he tries to unload it.


Heh, it’s called survival of the fittest.


Or… you can respect yourself and your craft and realise that Elements is a completely different market you have no chance of competing with (price wise)


Don’t let your yearnings get ahead of your earnings.


Envato really should implement some sort of “Price Change” history on each item page to show buyers that the track they are buying now for $19 or whatever has only been changed from $5 since it landed on the Popular files list. That might sort out this madness!


YeeHaw - Ride 'em cowboy.