AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


On / Off Business. Unpredictable


OMG! :cry:

I know that i´m too far away from you, but if i can help you in some ways, i´m here.
I know what if feels about that.

A BIG hug, bro.


It’s OK, I’ve invested in a completely new PC now and it’s a BEAST! :smiley:

AsRock Z390 Taichi
Intel i7 8700k
32GB DDR4 Corsair RAM
Nvidia 1070ti
2 TB Samsung EVO 970 m.2 disks
2 TB Western Digital Backup HDD
750W Corsair Gold PSU
+Everything packed in soundproofed case, so no more noise when mixing

I always get motivated on a new computer or instrument, so I’m back to work! Especially on such a powerful machine, everything just flies! :sunglasses:


I hope you can recreate those lost hit tracks and you don’t end up like these poor guys…


That’s surely a killer machine :rofl:


Yeah, yesterday I tried to run 200 instances of xfer Serum just for fun. I was able to play all of them at once, realtime on 48samples ASIO. Crazy! :smiley:


The week wasn’t great, sales wise, but my last weekends were the best…
So i hope to finish the week with some strong sales!
Wish you a great selling weekend too, mates!


Congrats. Impressive specs! :sunglasses:


Dude, so sorry about the accident. It happened to me (and probably to most of the fellas from around here) and it sucks big time. But every cloud has a silver lining and you ended up seriously upgrading your gear!!! Your workflow is gonna be so much smoother and enjoyable now! :slight_smile:

Cloning and copy-catting are trending these days so I’ll probably gather a few bucks and go for the same setup soon.

Eagerly waiting to hear your new stuff! Cheers.


Still absolutley dead. Appalling lack of sales after such a great previous month.


While I’m here trying to run 5 serum at once, then all I hear just crackling sounds :rofl:


Yet you still manage to make some of the best dubstep tracks on Envato :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Hey, btw, which cabinet did you buy? I read good things about the Corsair soundproof line but it’s always better to know a first hand experience.


I found a local company that makes replica of Fractal design Define R5 cases, with a couple of little tweaks. I also got silent CPU fan by Thermaltake (I think it’s Thermaltake Silent Riing Pro 12), that also helps a lot.


Absolutely dead.




Never deader.


Terrible week.


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Absolutely some signs of life

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