AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2

I guess it is time to admit the market is probably dying… slowly.
I have had no growth this year, sales really dryed out these last 3-4 months which makes me think that with all the changes (ADP, elements) and Envato simply ignoring some MUCH needed changes (template grinders, 5 dollar tracks, silly track names still, copycats, no bulk processing, tiresome upload procedure) this market in it’s current state is send out to die.

What a shame… time to get a new dayjob.


Hi Robert, may be the category Epic, Trailer, Metal Rock is saturated for now.
You should open your creativity for new niches as Envato won´t change it´s way.
I never though that I would by a VST Django Gypsy Guitar to produce Electro Jazz or some kind of that called NU Jazz, Gypsy Jazz whatever.
Or look for good vintage synth (many free) to make 80s tracks (Wonder Women 1984 next year).

Invest much more time in promotion like your YouTube Channel with Envato Affiliate links.
For each track you need to do a short video.

An open mind is better than giving up.



Offtopic: Guys, has anyone seen 2 topics “feedback 4 feedback” and “your item is approved for sale”? Or are they no longer available and they cannot be created?

Hey so you don’t see a fall in sales lately?

Sure that´s why I will invest money (VSTs) and time into categories I haven´t done yet like NU Jazz, Electro Jazz, 80s, Meditation, Drone Background Music, Funk (checkout the new Pettinhouse Funk Bass).

Either you keep up with the times or you will be gone by time.
Love it, hate it or change it…or leave it.

Nothing will change by nature - it´s up to you…


Interesting mystery CMA. I remember @hevada linked to feedback4feedback in this thread and that link is now broken.

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Yes, that’s exactly what would like to know that they officially closed it and now can no longer create these 2 topics, or simply because these 2 topics were hidden and automatically closed (because they stood with the flag for a long time).

Almost halfway through December and no sales, so far. I’m willing to be calm about it since December is usually quite fickle and historically I’ve had Decembers with zero sales. But maybe Santa could squeeze in a sale or two in his goodie bag. I’ve been really good this year. Well, mostly.


In 2017, December was my best month of the year, thanks to a successful Christmas Jazz track.

In 2018, December was my second best month of the year, thanks to several moderately successful Christmas Jazz tracks.

In 2019, December is looking extemely average, despite having uploaded 10 Christmas Jazz tracks and a few others.

I sure hope Santa will bring me a few sweet extended license sales before the month is out! :santa: :santa: :santa:


To be frank but I still see some authors getting like 10-15 sales daily :flushed:

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Something went wrong!!!

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Last few weeks were aweful for me. Great year in general.


dead than dead :skull_and_crossbones: :poop:


Dead Dead Deademption 2 :cowboy_hat_face:


3 days without sales! The drop in income by 4 times this month, it strongly demotivates something to do at all on this site. 330 items just do not need anyone…


5 days for me, and we are on weekend so im going to 7 without a sale…


Halfway into the month, December is already my new Best month ever! :sunny: :slightly_smiling_face:


Really excited to read the recent Public Impact thread! So amazing! :partying_face: : :confetti_ball: :tada:

I have to admit I thought things were terrible, with my earnings cut below 50%, the $5 items psychosis, the every month longer periods without a single sale and being forced to promote for free a platform that’s killing my humble business, but turns out I was completely wrong fellas!!! :slight_smile: Yay!

We’re better than ever! Look at those awesome shiny statistics! :chart_with_upwards_trend:The company owners, stake holders and the chosen Elements authors are generating more income than ever so, averaging out, things couldn’t be niftier. If Adam Smith was right, we just have to be patient and sooner or later, when they judge it’s the right time, those profits will spillover.

3 days without sales. Lowest income since… I can’t even remember. But hey! It’s for a good cause!

P.S.: That Element’s iron door must be shaking and trembling in knocks and “let-me-in” screams right now! :smiley:


:cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

Fun fact

Your last sale was $59 16 days ago.


One sale this month.