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I was just browsing the forums over at the sock marketplace the other day, and was surprised to see them using royalty free music marketing strategy as an example when discussing trends in sock genres.


Why has my post been flagged for stating “absolutely dead” ? This is by no means offensive or rude but just a fact. My sales are dead. What am I supposed to state in a sales thread, or am I being singled out ? Not happy.


After dumping to $12 for a week, I have to conclude that is a failed approach, while I did sell more units, the money earned is absurd. My one week test is over. Lower prices do not attract more customers. The subscription model banner ad has officially destroyed the market from my perspective. There is just too much evidence that supports my conclusion. Customers are migrating to elements at a rapid pace and the reviewers and a few other authors selected to participate are the main beneficiaries. I really have to wonder, is this strategy working for Envato? are they generating more revenue and experiencing revenue growth with all these experiments, and business model changes? It would be shocking to me if they are earning more when every day 5 or 10 people are reporting catastrophic sales, 50 to 80% revenue drops in just 3 or 4 months.


So you did sell more units in that period and sales volume number improved together with your visibility on this extremely dumb search engine. Everything was as I predicted. But you were earning a lot less money per license than you believe you deserve at the same time and that’s very bad news.

So, again, I think the key on Envato is to find the healthy balance between units sold and earnings per license. I see you are experimenting a lot now, and I’m sure you will find a sweet spot that works for you. I believe things will improve for you in the future, because you understand the way Envato’s primitive search engine works now. Let’s hope for the big shift in ranking factors in favor of earnings in the near future. Wish you all the best! Cheers :slight_smile:

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I can’t say I understand much here any more. I certainly did not decide to produce music to analyze how search engines work, and clearly I have not figured out how to “game the system”. Should I retitle all tracks as “Is the Upbeat is Upbeat Pop the motivation to inspiration for inspiration”…Pretty pathetic in all honesty. I also do not buy into the steep revenue decline happening due to “ranking” in the search engine. There are other factors that caused the steep revenue drop that hundreds of authors experienced starting in April 2019.

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Well, I don’t know what to say anymore about this topic. Good luck :wink:

Audiojungle friends, save money and prepare yourself. Summer is coming! :confused:


Am I right in thinking that you’ve had about 90 sales in the last month? And aside from a few exceptions, those sales have been pretty much evenly spread over that period? Now, I had nothing to do with your flagged post… but to me, having an average of three sales a day, or 21 sales a week, doesn’t really qualify for ‘absolutely dead’ status.

Maybe your definition differs from mine, but I don’t think it’s possible to to say it’s a fact that your sales are absolutely dead, without an agreed on definition of what ‘absolutely dead’ really means.

Otherwise, I could quite easily say it’s a fact that you’re actually having ‘loads of sales’. Because if I believe an average of 21 sales a week is ‘loads’, then to me, it would be a fact. But we can’t both present widely differing ‘facts’ (opinions would probably be a more accurate description) that are based on the same information… surely?

So would you like to offer up some numbers for us so we can all be singing from the same tune? Like, how many sales a week constitutes ‘dead’, how many for ‘absolutely dead’, how many for you to be indifferent? And heaven forbid… how many sales would you need to get in a week for you to say that sales are ‘not bad’ or even, dare I say it… ‘good’?


you do not understand?! ‘absolutely dead’ - this is a prayer … if stop praying, will come absolutely dead :grin:


I noticed too. Where disappearing of a US clients?

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Last month:2019-06-15_080924

This month:2019-06-15_080900

Probably nowhere … just everyone has a general drop in sales because of the elements … and of course it depends a lot on the material in the portfolio … just thoughts :slight_smile:

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Once, everyone tried to name the tracks “Claps, whistle, optimistic …”, then there was time for “motivational, corporate …”, now it is “Upbeat, indie rock …”, tomorrow there will be other trends … .
In my opinion, Envato could have done more so that the authors did not give monotonous names to their tracks and did not try to copy music from each other. Simply, it is necessary to make invisible the number of sales of an item, let the authors choose this opportunity … at the same time, leave visible the total number of sales of the author … Thus, copypaster will not have information for plagiarism and “tons” of identical names will be a thing of the past


That’s just terrible.I wish your child a speedy recovery. I hope everything will be well. :pray:


I don’t know… but from June 5 to June 15 I have only 1 US buyer.

I am very sorry to hear that @KakaduCreation. I am a father too, so I can imagine what are you going through. I will pray for your child, hope everything will be alright.


June is a lot quieter than I expected. Last year June was pretty amazing for me.

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4 buyers after 4 days of no sales


Super slow first half of the month. This has happened to me a few times though, including April, which ended up becoming my second best month yet so just gunna wait and see.

Good luck guys! :slight_smile:


The graph speaks for it self, mates!
Only 4 sales this month, USA nowhere to be found too!


2018 - ~30 tracks in portfolio
2019 - 80 tracks in portfolio
There is almost no hope, for me it is a serious misfortune!


I’m disappointed but not surprised that 3 weeks have passed and you have not responded (and likely will not respond) to this.

As memory serves, @SteelSound posted @Collis’s missive in support of my assertion that Elements did not come about in response to plummeting Audiojungle sales, that in fact Audiojungle sales were, prior to the introduction of Elements, indeed strong.

Perhaps you recall your highly inappropriate response to my assertion?

Still waiting…