AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


After 6 months of near-inactivity, yesterday became my best ever day ! :partying_face:


Last week was basically slow, until Friday, when a 10M Broadcast license turned the entire week around.(You gotta love ADP :slightly_smiling_face:)

So far, this week looks a lot like last week…


A terrible slowdown continues for the second month. 2-3 sales per week, while 2-3 sales per day, a little earlier. :sweat:


4 new items got approved this week, but only one sale on them…
If you don’t have an already pumped up Youtube channel for your Audiojungle items, what would you do to promote a new item? Sorry if I am hijacking the topic, but I think it is tied to sales!


Just like I have exactly 4 new tracks without sales.I am glad that at least my old tracks are sold. But the situation as a whole is “good.” This month, I am pleased with my earnings at AJ.
Nevertheless, I am waiting for sales with new items as well. With my new tracks, I also note a lower sales.
In any case, April is always a strong month for me, and I am sure that April is still catching up, and in the meantime I continue to work on the new tracks. :sunglasses:


April is quite good in terms of sales,

of course we will see further …


On my side, sales keep dropping down every month in terms of absolute numbers, which is no surprise at all. A handful of extended licenses already saved my month income-wise, though. Maybe I should raise the top tier prices a notch and see how it turns out. It seems to be working quite well for @EightBallAudio! (Congrats, BTW! :slight_smile: ).

Regarding new items, they mostly sit there and rust. A sale or two at the most.

Anyway, April has still a long way to go so figers crossed. Good luck people! :four_leaf_clover:


Yes definitely raise your broadcast licenses, inspired by EightballAudio I have priced my 1million license closer to 10 million. Most Broadcast license should be 10 million or the top one if customers did choose correctly. I sold a 1million license this week which boosted otherwise small earnings up to an average AJ month for me. So far it seems that many customers are willing to pay good for these licenses.


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Ok, I did not upload for nearly two monthes…



Ah, just reading the posts in this topic is so depressing. We should collectively try to improve the quality of our tracks, maybe then the sales will be back.


I would create a “” against firebird palm muted guitar and waterdrops. xDD


For me, the main problem is not specifically a concern for quality or algorithms. It must be realistic, there is more composer who join the various sites of royalty free music. This gives even more choice to different customers. The only solution for me is to continue to Upload regularly and everywhere, not especially on Audio Jungle and to be patient. I only do this for a year I certainly have less experience than the majority of you, and I can not pass the review system on Aj. But no matter the state of my sales or my immediate earnings, I continue to compose and I try to produce more and more and better and better. Let’s not forget either that the Internet remains Internet, a site knows its hour of glory and its hour of decline. No site is eternal and it is for these reasons that I recommend to be everywhere else. Audio Jungle does not have any particular worries and the site will not sink, it still has nice hours in front of him. But for me, it can no longer be considered as “the best royalty-free music site”, no matter how much traffic it has, t’s less and less advantageous for its authors, and that’s what will contribute to its release !


Stuck on 187, you know what that means :skull_and_crossbones:


Weak times for me. No any decent week since February start, and still no really decent month this year. It’s not wondering however, with a very few views for each day.


I think it’s mostly a coincidence. I uploaded only six times last year, five packs in May and June, and one track in December. Meanwhile sales were constant throughout 2018 and pretty solid this year until mid-March. Admittedly, I am a bit worried this month, as things seem too quiet for comfort. I have a new upload in the review queue, but I don’t believe it will help much.


I’ve been uploading steady through the years, but only this year new items receive almost no traction!
They have views, but very little conversion to actual sales!
In other news 4 tracks sold this week, need just 3 to hit the 1500 mark, so the saga continues!


I believe the only solution for more visibility these days is to upload in a diverse set of genres and especially pick those that don’t get too many uploads.


24 hours of no sales in april… midweek!

That my friends, is not normal.