AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2

Full week without a single sale! I am back to the future :smiley:

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Indeed. There is something strange going on. But the optimist in me says that this is temporary. I choose to believe in him.

Good luck guys.


The week is decent, thanks to couple of extended licenses. But, 18 items per week is uncool for sure. Such a strange decline in a mid Feb. :thinking:

My optimism is far behind, somewhere in 2018.:sweat_smile: Did Elements really try on the crown and win?:face_with_hand_over_mouth: This month begins to frighten me with dead silence.


I feel like this is the year Envato dies…

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The capping band tightens.

Well, you know my views about the cap system theory.

But yeah, sales are becoming a bit too sparse to my liking. I hold on tight to my hopes, but I can feel the rope tightening a bit.

Playing with price tags keeps my boat afloat and going in the right direction for now, but I feel that this strategy probably won’t work forever. I try to work on a plan B since my main plan takes water a bit too much, lately…

It’s not getting easier with each passing day.


I would do the same but putting prices up on my best sellers could kill it stone dead for me. Joking aside it’s very very worrying

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I have no clue if raising prices is the way to go, but I’m not going back to 1$. That said, it is surely a good reflex to stay alert and analyze how things will unfolds around here in the next weeks/months…

Apart from ADP, I’m not enthusiastic about most of Envato’s recent changes, but what can we do?

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Any consolation, all sites for me are well below average this month. Most of my sounds are pretty niche so hoping that will help but I dont know. Libraries seem to think change for change sake more and more.


For many years I have been a consumer of sound effects from the Internet (from the best sound brands). You would not believe it, but they all do the same thing and it becomes completely indecent after a while … No one has such sounds like yours. Therefore, I am learning from you. I recently started producing sound effects myself (first of all for myself and my record library), and by chance my sounds from _ Nonzerobot_ became my gurus :wink:
My first sound, which began to sell very well in Audio Jungles, was made during training (* I tried to get the same sound timbre)
Your business will die only after you! :wink:


Analyzing all my buyers, I can confidently say that they do not make a choice in front of 1, or 3 (they simply don’t have time for it;))

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Hahaha, well, I don’t know what to say, really! I just do what I do. :sunglasses:

But if I can be an inspiration to you, that’s super cool! There is some sort of saying where I live (maybe it’s a universal one, I’m not sure), it is something along this line «The student always surpass the master, in time», well… Do not hurry too much, man! I need to feed my people!

But seriously, thanks a lot and good luck, colleague! :blush:

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In the first week of February, I earned more than in the monthly period of August (when we were allowed to set author prices and the earnings of sound engineers went uphill abruptly (I only had a decline in December))

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Thanks for the recommendation! I bought the kindle version yesterday, super interesting and easy to read. Definitely a book the Envato marketing team should read as well :slight_smile:

Nothing desperate about that, you really should consider spreading your eggs out in different baskets in these uncertain times. Check out Music Library Report (well worth to subscribe to) and you will see there are literally hundreds of stock music sites and music libraries you can apply to.

On topic: 2 worst weeks for me as long as I remember, January was a goldmine compared to this February so far. Hopefully the sales campaign this week will boost some traffic to the market, you can clearly see on the sales of the featured files and popular tracks list that things are not normal lately. Which is weird because last week I saw AudioJungle (and Elements) advertisement pop up when you google “royalty free music”, anyone seen this before?


Definitely the worst 11 days in a long time. But this is business. Every now and then we could see times like these. We’ll see if this is temporary or not. As i said before i believe this is a temporary period.

And yes when i search for “royalty free music” i see Envato on top of the list. And there is a little box under the link that says “advertisement”. That must be an advertisement campaign.


I hope yo are right. I do wonder if its Google as every site for me currently is the worst ever Feb when this month is usually good.

I still get my sounds comng up in the search here so buyers can still see. To wake up Monday and still see no sales after Friday is a first. Really hoped for something today.

Same here. But when i check my 2018 sales., I see a serious decline in February. So i had a hunch that said there will be a decline in sales in February 2019. But in March sales increased dramatically. We’ll see if the history repeats itself or not.

Its cold comfort at least to know I am not the only one suffering but something drastic has happened.

13 sales for 11 days. For me this is the second month, when sales fall by 2 times!!! Sadly…