AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Ahem…absolutely dead.


all i can say is things are super strange.

my two best sellers have dried up over night (coincidentally with the release of audio on Elements) but varied sales from older items are trickling in. Overall sales definitely down just as I was starting to pick up a little momentum :frowning:


Absolutely silence, the second month! Catastrophic!


A sale today, but very very very few sales this month …

I only need one sale to reach 300, and I only want that this month…


I think its possible) Dont know why, but usually numbers like 299/399 etc don’t stay for long)


I encourage everyone who feel pride in their tracks to participate in in this thread if you have not: Best Curated Tracks Sorted by Categories (Fast Search)

It´s starting to fill up now and can easily become a great pitch to Envato as well regarding creating an official Playlist later on.

Of course if you are swimming in visibility you don´t need to participate.

On topic: Awkward silence


My sales are still on par with my second best month (while being completely inactive!). December is a surprise gift for me! :partying_face:


Sorry for offtopic guys, but it would be great if I could just get fast answer without opening a new thread!
Can I open another account on AudioJungle? That one would be non exclusive and sell different music + logos etc., while this one would stay exclusive.

Again sorry for offtopic, and thanks!




Got some sales today, thanx to my Korean friends in Seoul!
Don’t lose hope, mates!


Not a single sale from the United States for this month for me! Therefore, complete instability. Very strange … Either everyone spent money on gifts for the New Year, or most of the customers went to the Elements. One can only guess …


Had no sales for over a week, then out of nowhere 3 sales in the last 24 hours! :smiley:


This is my third December on Audiojungle. And always December, for me, was the best month of the year in sales. But something bad is happening with the market, because this December may be the worst month of the year. I have only 18 sales in 12 days, with an average number of sales per month 75-90


Absolutely dead month for me (4rd december on AJ)


In December, there is a noticeable decline in sales.


Seeing a improvement in sales after 4 days of nothing.
I did have to sacrifice every author here that ever said “boo-hoo”, along with some virgins and some goats, but it was worth it in my opinion.


Thank you.


Absolutely dead. Diabolical.


Of course, no sales 1.5 days as usual for me. As always. I hope my creative works someone notice from buyers (in which huge time and energy was invested and soul in every my track )!
I’ll try too conjure! Boo hoo hoo! :mage: :sparkles:


I invite you all to support us affiliates in this thread. We work really hard to promote this marketplace and bring more sales to everybody, yet we face this Envato vs Elements (not connected, yet full of banners) issue.