AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


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Last one before I explode with frustration at the current state of sales - get ready,
There’s a snake in my boot.


Great idea!


In these uncertain times I think everyone who is considering price dumping should take a deep breath and read this article: Its mainly about subscription models, but it also applies very much to all the aggressive non sense price wars which are currently happening on AJ. Authors seems to follow other authors blindly on this and its getting worse.

I really think we all need to be pro active about this destructive path for AJ and hopefully Envato will step in and help us sooner or later. Some changes are needed to reward the authors who actually earn money on their tracks.

In general we musicians really need to be protected against ourselves :sweat_smile:


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Sales have stoped completely!

Guys lets give more exposure to our best track!

For those o miss this topic Best Curated Tracks Sorted by Categories (Fast Search) please post your best track and it will be added to the category search. Sorry for the offtopic.


2 sales for my last 9 tracks, no sales for 2 weeks… what is happening ?


I read!! very good article!! The subscription system for commercial licensing is a exploitation

I condemn musicians who contribute to this exploitation

they cause this damage to all of us


Hopefully Envato can pin this article to our dashboards… but seriously it´s mainly Envatos responsibility to educate themselves of the value of music licensing. They create the very systems, authors would fill up anyway, even if they would have to pay.


I also read this article completely. Indeed, these are very useful thoughts that are written there. Ignoring affected topics there may lead to degradation of commercial music.


Not sure what’s going on with my portfolio… I’ve just sold 2 logos and 1 track in the space of just over 24 hours! All the items were over 5 weeks old, priced above suggested market value and one of them was a mass reproduction licence!

Very happy with the sales either way! :smiley:

Edit: also just read the article, brings up some very good points! I’m also interested to see how these online business models do during a recession, since a lot of the major websites & apps blew up after the last recession so have never properly gone through one. So I’m curious and a bit worried about that.


Almost the same. Last 8 tracks - 1 sale. Something strange happens on AJ in the second half of November.


Sales are terrible, even top authors are struggling and reducing their tracks prices and that speaks for it self about the situation at Audiojungle


I have a feeling a lot of top authors might not need to reduce track prices though, but are doing it to test the water so to speak to see if the net profit is higher or not with lower track prices + maybe extra sales. I tested it myself and it deffo boosts viewing numbers but that doesn’t always = more sales. Personally won’t be having ‘sale’ items again. Doesn’t seem worth it, buyers seem to respect well priced items more and hopefully it stays that way!


In my opinion, the fact that they reduce prices obviously will not correct the situation, but on the contrary worsens. I think that to reduce prices to a possible minimum = it is to leave without the normal earnings of themselves and other authors. The tracks will be bought for funny money and everyone will be happy except the authors. :thinking:


Congrats for those broadcast licenses, guys! But do you know these are most likely abuses? The 1 million broadcast terms only apply to rare rural or desert area in the US, or tiny countries. Very few TV channels actually qualify for this first tier broadcast license. Everytime, you sell one of these, there’s more than a good chance you are being abused.


Yup, that’s unfathomable. Yet, there are even authors who are willing to earn less than a dollar per download. They call them Elements authors. Oh, wait…


Thanks to your previous information I know that this is happening. Thats why I have priced my 1 mill broadcast licenses $199 and they still sell. Initially I thought this price was kind of bold, but so far so good. These people most often have good budgets and with higher prices I feel less “abused”…

And thanks for patiently pushing for an update in the broadcast presentation! Hopefully that fix can generate more money in the future as well.


Totally agree.


A valid point @PurpleFogSound. Unfortunately I don’t have the resources (mainly time) to pursue every licence - I got 2 more broadcast licences since my last post - and Envato does not want to act as publisher. I would be happy to offer publishing to a brave crusader like yourself though… It’s just an idea, but have you thought about acting as publisher for other author’s works before?