AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Usually it didn’t affect much, the demand is still normal in my experience. But surely christmas items will sell better than others.


Awesome thanks for the info! I’ll keep uploading like normal then but just make sure I’m ready well in advance for the next festive season! :slight_smile:


Probably the most silent week will be on end of the year, from christmas to new year eve. Buyers need to get holiday too :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah yeah true! :sweat_smile: thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:


Just sold a logo that was uploaded 7 weeks ago! That’s such an awesome site to see, the search engine works!!! :joy:


No sales for 5 days.

Hello everyone please nominate your best track here: Best Curated Tracks Sorted by Categories (Fast Search)

It is a search by category for customers and it need more tracks! Thank you


In general, the month is slightly lower than the average for earnings and far below the average for the number of sales. There are 4 days left, but to reach an average month I need 5-7 sales. Not so bad as I thought. Good luck to all! $
Guys, if you have the desire and time, then visit the topic and assign your track in accordance with the conditions of the topic. Phoenix or Forgotten Music
Thank you! :wink:


No sales for 3 days…


22 days without sales!! :rage:


22 days man ahah

i love this


My last sale was 10 days ago.


Absolutely dead.


It’s rather live in my case, but still very modest. No bigger licenses for a long time… Has anyone got, or this is no working anymore?


I´ve had 20 sales this month and 2 sales were 1million broadcast. I don´t normally have this high broadcast percent though…


Congratulations! I think you need to turn off sales and connect sales to me? :rofl::joy:


This week is epic so far! But the last week was a disaster. Stress - rush - stress - rush. I guess it’s a part of musician’s life :slight_smile:


Just 3 broadcast license 1 mill out of 71 sales so far. Seems fewer than usual, and I usually have a few of the bigger licenses too.
Maybe its the higher prices that makes the treshold for buying a correct license higher?


Maybe, but i still don’t increase all the prices, just for some tracks and packages to hold the previous average income, at least.


Christmas search results: And the prices are sad, from top Authors too…


AJ post-Elements survival guide:

  1. Make your tracks dirt cheap.
  2. Hope and pray…