AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Worst cyber Monday sale ever! My featured track had more sales last week when it was 29$ :smile:


Hi, Robert. Could you tell something about a changes in the search engine? Thanks!


I have a feeling many buyers are getting used to mindlessly closing the banner at the top, therefore inadvertently missing out on visiting the sale page. Also, there are so many items on that page that it would be hard for each and every one to get enough exposure. Lastly, since everyone else can now change their prices freely, discounted items no longer look as attractive as they once did.


I think Robert that the way Elements is being promoted at the top within the banner “Go Unlimited” or words to that effect is prompting some buyers to subscribe to this service only to find out that what they want is not available within Elements. Just read some customer posts within the forum. Envato really should make it very clear to all that Elements does not include all items on the market to download on Elements. Back to basics I’m afraid.


Perhaps, Envato did not do this so far, because they will do it in the future, at the day when the Elements really will includes all our works. When they will say to us (at some day in the future) something like this: “Envato starts to transferring all the items to the Elements.”. From the another side, what was the sense of ADP creating? I don’t know… but it looks like that the marketing service of Envato divided on 2 parts. One part creates one way of a marketing strategy. Second part creates absolutely different strategy. Just a thoughts…


4 days without sales. Hope it will be better soon, good luck to all!

BTW guys I am building a quick search with categories for customers, each author can post what they think is their best track. (only post 1 track of your own). And all the tracks will be ordered by categories.


Nothing i can specify DanielYan, but i read in another “search engine not working” thread that Envato had just made some changes a few days ago which could be the reason for such a steep decline in sales (for me personally at least).

still no sales since Friday… this is not how it is normally. I will, however hold judgement till the end of the month.


Hold your horses Robert - 1 week to go and only Cyber Monday to clear.


4 days without sales in my case. I can see in my rank that I lose rank very slow. It explain me that everyone around (except a top authors, I guess) has a big decline in sales.


What is the demand usually like for non-Christmas related items in December? I’m tempted to just make a bunch of tracks and to sit on them till after the festive season. Should have already made some Christmas tracks but was sidetracked with other things sadly and guessing it’s too late now, esp w/ the review time being so long.


Absolutley and utterly dead all weekend.


Usually it didn’t affect much, the demand is still normal in my experience. But surely christmas items will sell better than others.


Awesome thanks for the info! I’ll keep uploading like normal then but just make sure I’m ready well in advance for the next festive season! :slight_smile:


Probably the most silent week will be on end of the year, from christmas to new year eve. Buyers need to get holiday too :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah yeah true! :sweat_smile: thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:


Just sold a logo that was uploaded 7 weeks ago! That’s such an awesome site to see, the search engine works!!! :joy:


No sales for 5 days.

Hello everyone please nominate your best track here: Best Curated Tracks Sorted by Categories (Fast Search)

It is a search by category for customers and it need more tracks! Thank you


In general, the month is slightly lower than the average for earnings and far below the average for the number of sales. There are 4 days left, but to reach an average month I need 5-7 sales. Not so bad as I thought. Good luck to all! $
Guys, if you have the desire and time, then visit the topic and assign your track in accordance with the conditions of the topic. Phoenix or Forgotten Music
Thank you! :wink:


No sales for 3 days…


22 days without sales!! :rage: