Audiojungle Review times seemed to have improved significantly

Sometimes this is a good place to share frustrations. One such frustration was the long review times after submitting files. So I’m happy to have noticed significant improvements in the review and approval response times for Audiojungle files. Recently it has been down to 3-4 days for approval. Have you had the same experience?


It’s 24 hours at the moment :blush:

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It might just be that everyone’s gone for the summer, or that authors frustrated by the constantly decreasing sales on AJ have stopped uploading. I’m waiting to see if these new review times remain the same in September.


Last weekend, I had a waiting time: 1 hour for the first download and 30 minutes for the second. There were probably very few people willing to put the product up for sale that day. :slight_smile:

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Short upload times, but even shorter exposure time for any new item… :mask::upside_down_face::mask:

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Two days now and pending… lucky bastards :slight_smile: