Audiojungle rejected my track reason of does not meet the general commercial quality standard.

Hello, everybody!
audiojungle rejected my track reason of does not meet the general commercial quality standard. I want to understand why what’s wrong with my track?
I would appreciate your opinion!
Thank you.

time for inspiration

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Hello!) I want to say that the track is good. Only the piano sounds like midi. It is necessary to configure the pressing of a key in your DAW program. And everything else is fine. This is my opinion) It is also possible to look at the equalization. Good luck with tracks and further approved items)))):wink:It’s important not to give up :muscle:

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Very nice idea! I like how the melody evolves yet remains simple. If pressed for criticism I’d say that the chord progression may be too complex (awesome tho) and there might be some slight timing issues (the strings drag a bit) - also, I’m no expert, but I found it less “Inspiring” and more “…something else” - could it be an issue of category? Anyway, good effort!

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Thank you for listening and criticizing me. I will search for a better piano sound, also thanks for the encouragement.

Thank you for listening and criticizing me.
My wife also was criticized the chord progression about too complex :slight_smile:
Music is a very deep and relative thing, I really don’t know how inspiring music is.
Super comments!

Hey :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3:

Try to listen top tracks here on AJ, especially in your favorite styles. Try to achieve that quality and sound. Your music must meet the profession standarts and have commercial value for video projects. Also I can recommend to learn on YouTube tutorials, courses more and keep going to write music. Write the music you would buy for yourself.
The quality of tracks on AJ is improving day by day so you have to match this and permanently work hard and learn I believe.
I wish you will get it!

Cheers :call_me_hand:t3:

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Hello @AkcaAcunBilgin,

Here are my 2cents on the track.

First you need to modify a bit the velocities on the piano or maybe a new piano altogether making it more realistic.

At 0:28 the change is abrubt. Use some cymbal rise or something similar as a lead-in to the next part of your track. Also here is a good time to introduce low drums to give a sence of grandeur and movement.

On 0:56 the same. Use cymbal rise or something similar to lead-in the change and evolve your drums and maybe use violins ostinatos to give more sense of movement and low brass lines to color the sound more.

On 1:21 again use a lead-in and this time maybe evolve the melody more or give the brasses to take up the melody while soaring violins play the chords hi and low ostinatos keep the flow.

On 1:48 you do a harp roll with a little triangle for flavor. Thats the right set of mind but it sounds harsh you need to smooth it out with EQ and again use a rise to signal the change. This is for me the last part of your track, here you need everything to soar. This should be the most magnificent moment in the whole track. The sence of grandeur and wonder at its peak. Soaring violins, huge brass lines, epic drums, everything must come together now and be bigger than all the other parts.

In these kind of tracks you need to start small and evolve to something big and magnificent. With every change ask yourself, what can i add, or remove in order to keep someone interested in listening my track?

Learning more about orchestration will help you a lot :slight_smile:


Thank you for listening and tips. :slight_smile:

Thank you for listening and for detailed analysis.
In fact I always thought I was stuck in the mastering phase when it was not harmonic.
Because the final voice does not satisfy me and I do not know exactly what is wrong. (Sometimes the bass sounds like loud sometimes high.)
These criticisms will provide me to improve.
Now the big question in my mind, can I try to re upload if I make any major changes to this rejected song? Like changes harmony, enstruments, name?
Thank you for all. :slight_smile:

Its more of an orchestration issue first then a mastering issue. If your track is on point in orchestration and development but not perfect on mixing / mastering but good enough the reviewer will tell you to re-master it and upload it again.

The e-mail you got probably said “Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “-track name here-” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.” . That means you cant upload this item again no matter what changes you do to it.

Use the tips and compose a new track though, the more you compose the better you get :slight_smile:

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Overall is good. But in my opinion piano melody over orchestra is pretty boring. Another thing - can you give more dynamic to you track, rise and falls? Give more expression and life to track.

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It is necessary to make wider in the panorama and a little more transparent then it will be a great mood for the track!

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Thank you for your help and tips. I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Thank you for listening and tips. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I appreciate listening and tips. :slight_smile:

I have no idea why the track was rejected, just as I have no idea why my tracks are rejected. I certainly don’t think it’s due to the “complexity” of the chord progression. Your chord progression is not complex at all. I like it, it’s fine. I do think the repeating 3-note piano melody isn’t interesting enough. Your harmony is far more interesting than your melody. I have some quibbles with your orchestration, but if you work on your melody and let those notes drive your harmony, I think your orchestration will fall into place.

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Hi, man! Seems reject reason is quality of mixing! and not nature sound! But track is great! I liked!
Just listen this and compere!

Good Luck!

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Cool tune! The mix is a bit cluttered and there’s a whole lotta low end there. Maybe remix and master? I love it, though.

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@Sunnydeemusic @jonjmorin @Drop-D
Thank you all, I appreciate listening and tips. :slight_smile:

Hi, I think but might be wrong that one of the reasons is this track
It´s a bestseller and your track sounds very much like it.

The piano idea is good, but a tip is to keep the triad chord that you play as a rythm ostinato as it is, but the melody only being single notes if you understand what I mean. As it is now they clash. Good luck!

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