Audiojungle Preview List extremly time-consuming after design-update

Hi.The envato new itemlisting at audiojungle is extremly time-consuming now. In the old version I saw at the first sight the duration of all (!) audios of a item. Now is only showed the first. And, if I click on Preview Play and then the next, the other track won’t stop. I have to click pause before click play on the next; if I don’t do this the tracks plays simultaneos. Please fix it.


The second issue (Play/Pause) is fixed now. But the other problem still here.

Hey @leinadred3000,

Can you explain a little more about what you referring to with the first problem? Perhaps take some screenshots?

Sure :slight_smile:
The redesigned list only shows one duration (duration for the main track), even when there are multiple tracks. In the previous design-version of the list, every duration for each track per item was showed. Unfortunately I have no screenshot of that. I hope that helps.