Audiojungle Noob Alert! Struggling to upload on iPad

Hi. This is my first post. Please forgive my ignorance. I’ve just joined audiojungle. My computer is mostly reserved for music. Most day to day things I do on my iPad which is the newest generation, normal sized iPad. Yes, the one apple helpfully named - iPad. Anyway, when I first got an iPad a few years ago, there were lots of things I still had to use the computer for. But now, the iPad can do pretty much everything. I have however, found uploading tracks from the iPad to audiojungle impossible. The website just doesn’t seem to function right. I had a similar problem with ■■■■. Has anyone else had a similar experience, or is it me being useless? I can use the pc so all is not lost, but it would be so helpful if I could get this to work on my iPad.

Thank you, in advance of any help/affirmations of my stupidity.

I don’t use iPads too much, but maybe just make sure you are using the desktop site on the iPad, as opposed to the mobile site? Usually in chrome or whatever browser you are using you can go to the options and tell it to use the desktop version of the site. I’ve found this to be useful when the mobile site doesn’t offer the functions you need. Other than that, I’m not sure. Good luck!

I stand corrected, but iOS doesn’t support flash, and in order to upload to envato market you will need to use Adobe flash installed on your browser.

Another alternative is to use an “FTP client” to upload. I guess try the app store to see if that is available.

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Thank you for your help. Of course, that’s it - no flash. I never said I was clever! Ok, I’ll try the FTP option - always learning…

So it turns out envato has updated the way to upload, maybe try again now to see if you can upload using your iPad