AudioJungle music license and live-streaming

i am buying in Envato ( Audio Jungle ) with
Music Standard License. I want to using some of music for our client’s facebook live streaming, it can be use ? or not how can i do. i need your reply urgent, thanks.

Hi @AungbalaJR! Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

How will the music be used? If it’s part of your channel branding (music logo to accompany visuals at the start of each stream, for example) then a Standard License should be fine - the end product you’re creating is that logo.

See here:

you can use audio logo items as “sound” logos. Keep in mind that the audio logo is still a stock item and therefore can be used by other people, and you still however cannot claim trademark or service mark rights on the audio content

If it’s background music played during the stream, you’re likely to need a separate Standard License for each live-streaming video that the music features in.

For a more official answer, check with the experts in our Customer Success team - you can open a support ticket here.

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not my channel’s branding, I want to using my company’s client , use in start countown screen in Live Streaming

How to separate Standard Licence ?

you can open a support ticket here envato license expert team will assist you. Thanks

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Thanks @mgscoder