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Maybe it wasn’t upbeat, uplifting and inspiring enough.


Imagine Ed Sheraan track is name :
Upbeat & Inspiring Shape of you .


Upbeat & Inspiring Shape of you (aka. Uplifting Energetic Happy Indie Pop Fun)… Jokes apart, it’s quite sad that naming the tracks that way is as ridiculous as necessary. Not a complaint, just a thought.


Just take a look at featured tracks :slight_smile: Overload of inspiring, upbeat, corporate. I know, authors do rename them right after they got featured, but still…that’s the game you have to play here, i guess.


Hehe, actually I copy-pasted the parenthesis chunk from a feature. :wink:. But yup, you’re virtually invisible if you don’t play by the allmighty upbeatinspiringupliftinghappyfunenergetic rules. It seems to be somehow fair and balancing in the end, doesn’t it?


It’s like a virus! Some guys just blindly copy all the tags and (partially) the name of a track. At one point i even thought that one was the same author in disguise.

P.S. Laugh so hard because of your track “Russian”. Great job!)


Hahaha, thanks a lot mate!!! I try to enjoy this stock music thing. I’d go nuts if I didn’t, more than I already am. Huge fan of your groovy tight sounding tunes too, really pro mixes and mastering. Now let’s cut this off-topic and let’s go back to the memes. :slight_smile: Cheers, my friend.


Hugely dissatisfied with my mixes now, to be honest! :see_no_evil: But thank you a lot! And yes, lets’go back on topic)






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Best mem)))))