AudioJungle Item Hard Rejected Again - Please HELP.


Hi there! I’m a composer from Argentina. I’m new at AJ and I uploaded 3 different files. All of them were hard rejected. I need some advice from you so I can improve my work and make my tracks better so I can sell them on AJ. Here’s a link to the last rejected item:

Thank you so much!
Damian Dodino


nice work on your track. In my opinion this is of high enough quality for the site. I can’t be sure why it would be rejected but I’ll try to give feedback.

Here are some spots to improve:

  1. The clap sample sounds pretty bad when it’s exposed. In the mix it works, but when it’s first introduced it sticks out like a sore thumb.
  2. the xylophone doesn’t mix well - in a track like this I would either dial back the reverb, or if it’s like the spitfire xylophone then I would use almost entirely the close-mic setting.
  3. It’s a bit too repetitive, it could use a B section or at least a longer break when you change the instrumentation in the middle part.


@Tyler_River Thanks a lot for your advice! I didn’t notice about the things you said. Now I can see it clearly. Sorry about my english. Thank you again!!!
P.S: You have an amazing portfolio. Keep up the good work!