Audiojungle Identity - why?

I’ve been on AJ for 4 months now and I’m curious to know something…

I wonder why the majority of authors here use company names as their identity instead
of their real names? Is there a benefit to this? I mean, I know Tim McMorris (who I think is great) uses
his real name and I’m curious why more authors don’t.

Is there something I’m missing?

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Apple Mac or Job’s Computers…?

Plus how do you know Tim McMorris is his real name?

Tim might be his middle name… you get my drift?

so just branding then…

It’s all good, I’m just wondering if I should be using a brand as well for some reason I’m not thinking of.

If Doug Fury is your real name I think you’re good :smile:


it’s actually a nickname I was given years ago while touring in Europe. Let’s say it was a rough night haha


I think one other reason authors use pseudonyms is that they dont want to be associated with Audiojungle. AJ doesnt have a good reputation with lots of other libraries and composers.


kinda the same story. since my student years friends call me b7 (there is a story behind that too :wink:)
Since Tim McMorris was named here, another one very respectable composer Gareth Coker is also uses his name. But, I guess, his name is brand already :slight_smile:

p.s. I feel so flattering, when see, that he approved my track :innocent:

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I don’t think you miss anything… your name is good… :slight_smile: some people just don’t stand out.

If your name was “Fanny Licker”, “Craven Morehead”, “Hubert Blaine Wolfe­schlegel­stein­hausen­berger­dorff” or “Mike Litoris”, you probably wouldn’t want to publicize it for a number of reasons.


When people say royalty free, many are thinking of copyright infringement, or bad quality. Composers for royalty free are seen as unprofessional and untrustworthy, and in some cases is actually true.

I have nothing to say.

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My account name devoted to my cat Lucky.)