Audiojungle featured authors


Does anyone else think it’s odd that AJ keeps featuring authors who have already done extremely well for themselves?

Don’t get me wrong, I think those authors are great, but why not feature an author who hasn’t already sold 5,000+ songs?



I’ve noticed this myself, and I understand your point, but I reckon it’s because these authors have more than proven themselves here (some haven’t even had a featured file and reached Elite status!), and quite frankly they deserve this reward. Additionally, many of the recently-featured authors have been here for several years and were definitely overdue for their week of fame as featured author. I’m talking about authors like RandomNoise, benjijackson, AudioPizza, Leon_Felekyan, MatthewFisher, SilverHoof, vizion-studios and more.

Judging by this pattern I reckon BlueFoxMusic is up for featured author in the near future!


Yeah I definitely don’t mean to say that they don’t deserve some recognition! But some of them have been featured multiple times while there are definitely good authors out there who just go unknown.

Anyways, I like your answer and agree. Thanks for the response!



What James said!

I have no clue what goes into the “feature algorithm” but it’s safe to say that if you amassed 5,000+ sales without having been featured, then I think it’s bloody well time :sunglasses:


@AurusAudio You are a prophet.


I think it’s better to get to the “feature items”.


Ok, that was pretty impressive… :open_mouth: So what else do you see in your crystal ball? :wink:


If you sell a buttload of items consistently over the years, you deserve to be featured.


Not that hard to predict really, just look at the top authors who have made it very far without being featured author :wink:

According to the crystal ball, Olexandr or MidiCable is up next… :stuck_out_tongue:


Do any of you know how featured tracks are selected?




Nope :stuck_out_tongue:

That is one of the great mysteries of the 'Jungle…

Usually though it’s fulfillment of one of the following factors:

  • Consistency of quality across the entire portfolio
  • A particularly special track that catches the attention of the reviewer
  • Valuable community member
  • A track that has not sold very well but reviewers felt it had potential - there have been lots of examples of this and more often than not the track has gone on to become a massive hit!


Ah I see. That all makes sense! Thank you :).



Featured? Shiiiiizzz, I’d be happy if I could just get some more tracks approved.


Wow, coincidence? Envato must really experience a drop in sales since they have to feature their top authors on their front page one after another.


There you go again. My crystal ball really is quite accurate :wink:


Well, either you are a Top author to be featured or a featured “Inspiration” track every week.
Like George Clooney would say: WHAT ELSE:…


I was featured I think mainly because one of my non royalty free project, shown in the forum, got attention from AJ.
I didn’t have 5000 sales…
In any case the featured week did not bring anything more than standard sales figures