Audiojungle authors, let's share our external work!

Of course, all of us audiojungle authors, are musicians, composers, conductors etc. I’m sure that every each of us has even release a personal record or is a member in a band, work as a session musician with other artists, or even produce music for others.
I think is a good idea to share our external work here, something outside audiojungle music we produce.
I start with a song of a band called “Ble” located in Greece that back in 2000 I was a member playing the keyboards.
The record has reached over 50,000 sales and now is a “Gold” record here in Greece.
The name of the track is “Fovamai” that means “I’m afraid”.
Have a good listen, and share your stuff…


Cool tune! 50,000 sales is pretty awesome!

I recently released a short album of original material… I guess you’d call it Roots or Americana (i prefer “Canadiana” haha).


Pure American (or Canadian) song. Awesome guitars!! Wish you thousands of sales to your release.


My contribution :slight_smile:


This is true “motivational”. I guess you are the guitar player…
Thanks for your share

My old composition :slight_smile:

Now I prefer children tracks and ukulele :joy:


Woh! I’m amazed by the speed of your fingers! Real virtuoso man, bravo!
For consolation, think ukulele as the precursor of your guitar, and you will
love it…Cheers!

Thank you man :slight_smile: It was 5 years ago. Nowadays to get that speed and control I would have to practice a lot ! I still play but I focus on compositions not only fast playing and technique :slight_smile: Virtuosos can play that kind of shit in front of thousands of people :slight_smile: Without any mistake :slight_smile: I’m just simple bedroom player :smiley: But thanks for kind words ! Cheers :slight_smile:

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Congrats! That is awesome 60k sales!

I’ll share this video, I’m the pianist and composer of it, i think i sold 10 or 11 CDs Including my mom and neighbors. Oh, also my wife bought me one CD at some point.

Piano Jazz/Flamenco


Man, you played more notes in this video than I did in my whole life! Great technique!


Wherever, it doesn’t give you sales brother.
Thanks tho :slight_smile:

Excellent!! I think I’m a pianist too, but now I have to reconsider that…
Great opportunity to put in my CD player Chick Corea’s “Spain” again.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks. As i said, playing well an instrument nowadays doesn’t really take you anywhere other than have fun. Anyone with a computer goes a much longer way, DJ’s or producing beats.
I love Chick Corea, who doesn’t… But man… his flamenco (together with Miles Davis) is the goofiest s### I’ve ever hear. I’ll blame Scientology for that… lol

I know how you feel. It’s like a German guy plays greek traditional music with a bouzouki…

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hahah you just nailed it

Great thread idea! I still play in 2 bands when time allows. Here’s a couple of samples:

New band, dark rock:

Long time band, pop rock:


“Lost in the wind” is a very nice tune. Looking forward to hear something from your upcoming EP!

Thank you @blackstop! I enjoyed the track you posted as well - congrats on its success! Was in Greece last year and loved it! :wink:

Cool thread! I’m predominantly a fingerstyle guitarist. Here’s a vid from my Youtube :slight_smile:

And me playing some gypsy jazz with my band/friends:


Hey man, everybody loves visiting Greece! Hope you can make it this summer too.

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