AudioJungle Author Seeking Collaborations / Cross Promotion

To All VideoHive Authors,

I’m a new author at AudioJungle who just started uploading new music. I have a background in composing music for media. I have worked with a number of music libraries and have credits in television, film and commercial advertising in various audio and visual formats.

I’m looking to cross promote my music with VideHive authors who would like to add music to their previews. You’re free to use any of the previews from my portfolio as long as you provide a link to my profile page at:

In exchange for the promotion, I will link back to your page and recommend that my customers check you out when they need video content. I will also promote your page to my “offline” clients. There are currently only four songs on my profile (as of Nov 11, 2016), but our upload limit is five songs at a time and I just started uploading a few days ago. So, the process to upload my catalog will be gradual and much more is available.

If you’d like to view finished projects using my music, go here to watch and listen. The featured song and songs in the videos are currently available on AudioJungle.

If interested, you can reply here or send me a PM and we’ll discuss how to work things out.