Audiojungle and the Economic Collapse

I am from Beirut, Lebanon, and this is my story with Audiojungle.

I am a music composer, and have been composing music for advertising for over 12 years.
Recently, my country has suffered an economic collapse that affected most small/medium business, and I myself have not been spared.

The surge of COVID, and the infamous explosion of the Beirut port, which blew up my studio, added to my troubles.

Having been buying music tracks from Audiojungle for a long time, for my work, I decided to get to the other side of the fence, and sell my own music, in order to have an additional income.

So far, I have been really enjoying the journey, and learning a lot on the way: Composing music that sells and appeals to a wide professional audience is not easy. My areas of expertise were orchestral music, oriental, rock and pop, but I had very little experience with corporate music, or whistling/ukulele/xylophone type of music. I used to dismiss these styles as being too commercial, but oh was I wrong. It really is an art, to be able to compose a corporate track, that a professional will like to use on his product.

And while my sales are not hitting the roof, payments have always been coming at a much needed time.
Selling my music on Audiojungle has really been a very important financial support for me.

What about you guys? Does anyone has a similar story with Audiojungle, where selling tracks on this platform has been a “life-changing” experience?

Cheers everyone, and looking forward to discussing with this great community!



I don’t agree, corporate music is not art, at least here on AJ.

I’ve tried but the only way is to copy other “artists”. But I came to the conclusion that this is not the way it has to be, you have to find your own voice and your target to be successful. Copying (and corporate music is copying, not composing) won’t let you earn money and will leave you unsatisfied, unless you enter the circle of the few best sellers that keep on uploading the same “ukulele/whistling/ehi” music on and on, buy their own music to raise the sellings and get into the algorithm to be more visible (Yes, that’s what happening).

Good luck with your Music

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Hi Marco!
Yes, I can understand what you are saying about corporate music not being art. And it is sad what sellers are sometimes doing to boost their sales.
BUT, corporate music that is selling well, has surely got an edge over the other “copies”. It is innovative. It’s a combination of factors that makes it sell: The choice of instruments, the chord progression, the mix, the effects, the fact that the melody is not too overwhelming as to not distract from the visuals… all is, I think, the winning formula, is art. Be it corporate, epic or rock.
Great portfolio by the way!


Thank you!

I’ve listened with pleasure to your music and I’m sure you should stuck with with YOUR music, you know what I mean :wink:

Good sales

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I totally agree with you! Corporate music is just a corporate music. It has its own edges. In my opinion, if you want to make real bestseller, you should make some art aspects. I mean, you can make guitar sound quite different or add some unusual, but cool percussion to typical pop drums etc.

P.S. But, of course, luck, sometimes, carries not so bright tracks to the top of popular items. So, wish you good luck with your activity :wink: