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Hello community, I discovered that one of my music purchased with a standard license is used in a smartphone video game all over the world with more than 100 M downloads and inapp purchases by the company https:// Our Games | AZUR GAMES, except there is no point in claiming to put a PRO box on AJ because AJ is a royalty free music company and therefore my PRO cannot in any case recover the rights if the company in question has not not declared the use of music. Do you have to go through a publisher to be able to take legal action? So many questions that baffle me about selling music on stock music sites.

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I think you have some misconception about PRO and AJ. PRO registered music is perfectly allowed on AJ. The “royalty-free” denomination on here does not include performance royalties.

However, I have no idea whether game downloads could be considered performances, generating performance royalties. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will clear this point.

In any case, there is an issue of license validity. The 100M downloads far exceed the limitations of the Standard license. You should contact them and ask them to buy the proper license.

Thank you for your answer but here is my PRO’s answer:
This platform has no contract with Sacem and obviously no copyright society insofar as it claims to be “Royalty Free” (without copyright)
It is therefore appropriate either to manage your rights with the platform, or to request the immediate withdrawal of your works on this platform.
However, if this request is not respected, it is advisable to send a request to our legal department mentioning your steps beforehand.
The Sacem
Clearly there is no point for AJ to add the PRO option.

SACEM doesn’t seem to understand what Royalty-Free mean. Also why would they need to have any contact with Envato? Royalties are collected from broadcasters (or other outlet owners), nothing to to with the platform. From their answer they clearly do not understand what a platform is, nor how the world works. They’re confusing their role as royalty collectors and as catalogue managers.

Plenty of authors on here get royalties from their AJ sales, so clearly yes, there is a point in having the PRO option.

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Indeed the SACEM does not understand anything or does not want to hear anything. The fact is that I am losing rights to which I am entitled. I contacted the company that operates the game in question, without response from them. I don’t see any other solution except maybe legal action.

Few things:

  • @PurpleFog is right
  • SACEM is wrong and does not understand Royalty Free license variations (and messes it with “copyright free” (!) )
  • PROs usually don’t help in such cases but makes your track legit and collects additional cash for you.
  • You need to solve this on your own or with a lawyer. PROs can give the proof that your track is legit.
  • nowadays apps and games generate almost none royalties
  • the best way is to ask a game developer to pay you tripple price of the correct license. If they do not react, increase the price (even extremely) and go to lawyer. I did it few times, got compansation, even 5 digits ($$.$$$).
  • the only profitable field of compensation in your case is an incorrect license compensation AND the need of purchasing the correct one (or multiple!)

However, PROs are important and profitable BUT they will not take legal actions on your behalf usually.


Thank you, I am unfortunately aware of this, I am trying to get back in touch with the developers.