Audiojungle and immigration/traveling

Hello. I’m an author from Russia so I have some questions.

  1. Can I use my accout in another country?
  2. How can I make a withdrawal in other country without problems?
  3. What about taxes? I mean immigration but I still will have a passport of Russia.
    And what are your personal recommendations who did it?
    Thank you, guys, very important theme.

I’m no tax doctor, so I don’t know for certain, but here’s how I understand it…

  1. Can’t see any reason why not. Although if Envato are picking up an IP for you, from a country where they’re not allowed to trade, that could cause problems. So Cuba, for example. But if you happen to log in from Germany, or upload an item or two from South Africa, I can’t see that being a problem.

  2. In theory, your withdrawal is not going to the country you are in, it’s going to the country where your financial institution is based. Even if you may withdraw it from an ATM in a different country. So if you have a US bank, then the money goes to a US bank, even if you’re withdrawing it from an ATM in Nepal. If you have a Russian Paypal account, then your withdrawal is going to a Russian Paypal account, even if you’re on the International Space Station. For example.

  3. Taxes are usually based on your country of residence, rather than your nationality or your current location. I’m sure some tax authorities will differ, but if you spend more than 50% of the year in the UK, then you’re considered a UK resident for the purpose of taxes. So unless you spend more than 26 weeks in any one country while on your travels, then you’ll probably still be liable for taxes in Russia. There’s no need to file a tax return in each country when doing a round the world trip though!

I am a US author, but living in Russia at the time, but I only file US taxes.