AudioJingle: Experiment on Creating YouTube Relaxation/Meditation

I’m interested in purchase one of the audio rain clip from AudioJingle. The rain audio clip is around $3-8 per clip. We are going to create a YouTube relaxation/meditation for the experiment potentially going to production. In terms of using this audio for repeating/loop for 2 or 3 hours was the licensing cover this? Are we allowed to use this for this exercise?

When we look at Dreamstime or others, they are quite expensive especially for using the web as we describe above. The licensing is different.

I’m appreciated your feedback.


Hi, you can read all about licenses in the link below:

The way it sounds you can use the purchased audio throughout the video you plan to make.

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Thanks. I had a look at the actual product “rain” sound itself and the license is considered as SFX and can be either Single Use or Multiple Use. It is not categorised as music.

The only difference between these 2 that if I go with multiple meanings I can reuse this sound effect in our multiple projects.

But it is not clear whether we can use this type of sound effect in the loop in 2 or 3 hours which might combine with multiple sources of “rain” sound effects and repeating till 2 or 3 hours.

Any ideas?

You can use it in the same video “end product” as many you need. But if you need it for another video, you will need to buy the multi-use license.

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So it won’t matter how we use the sound effect clip in our project video - whether in the loop or a bit here or there. However, the matter is the end product whether is one and this requires a single license and if we want to use the same sound effect on “other projects” then we need to get multiple licenses. That’s what I interpret for this SFX license, correct?

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Yes within one video it’s considered single-use. If you would make let’s say 5 different videos then you would need the multi license.