Audiobook, eBook and Video Script

Hallo Envato All,

i need a scirpt for Audiobook, eBook and Video. We have institut and dont think to sell that, just for read an hear oder see the matreals. i have look 3 h in this page but in donta finde any think.

can anyone help me?


Can you show a live example how this should work? It will be easier to understand what you need.

Thank you for your answer,

I’m looking for a media library where I can hear audiobooks, read ebooks, videos and pictures I can see.
I work at an institute, where we want to provide the students the above mentioned service.

but I have no script that has these functions.

We dont want to sell anything but to offer it free for students to use.

OK, I see.
I don’t know any plugin that could be helpful here, but I think you just could use few of them: one to display ebooks, one to videos, one to audio files. Each item (ebook/vid/audio) would be a separate wordpress post. It’s easy to do such website if you look at plugins like I believe you easily can do it using only free plugins.