Audio Watermark Generator Next Update

Hi everyone,

We are working hard to bring you the next update very soon.(Ver 1.5)
So please feel free to follow, subscribe & comment on the Roadmap on Trello



oh, that’s very nice!
Adi, your app is brilliant, have used it for almost 100 tracks, it’s making my life simple)

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It will be good to have watermark generator for multiple track versions, is it possible?
You load 5 files and get 1 watermarked.

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Thanks so much, Trying to do my best to improve it all the time… Stay tuned!

Hey Soundwizrd,

Of course there is :)! This is maybe the main feature, Feel free to download it and give it a test, also there are a few video tutorials that will help you to understand…

It’s good news!
I have version 1.2, and it says that my software is up to date. What i need to download to test this feature?

Update: OMG It was there for ages! I am so stupid :smiley: sorry

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lol :slight_smile:
V1.5 is coming soon so stay turned!

Hi All,

I’m super excited to announce that the new AG Watermark Generator Version 2.0 is now ready and available for download on our website!!!

So what’s new in V.2?
We worked really hard this year to fulfil all your wishes and requests, so here are some of the new features and improvements, we hope you enjoy them!

  • Totally fresh new UI and design.
  • Faster file processing.
  • Process progress bar.
  • You can now change your watermark’s volume.
  • Preview how your watermark will sound before processing your files.
  • Quick player for the watermark files.
  • Stop and cancel AGwatermark’s process at any time.
  • Now accepting watermark files that are longer than 15sec.
  • Choose the same output folder with one click.
  • Drag and drop file order.
  • Change tracks order by sorting by size/length/file name
  • Suggest Ideas section.
  • Override files alert.
  • Alert messages are now more detailed.
  • Play sound notification when a process is done.

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Let me know your thoughts…

Hi Guys,

We are about to work on the next update for the AG Watermark Generator V.2.1, Please feel free to share your thoughts, Ideas and insights if you are using the tool I would love to hear your thoughts.

Feel free to suggest all your ideas here below…

Appreciate your help guys!


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