Audio Track Rejected - Quality Issue.....?

Hi everyone. I’m really hoping that some of you amazing composers who achieve regular success could help me out with this. I have had 5 items accepted in the Corporate and Dance categories and 4 rejected.

I have listened to a lot of tracks and ‘thought’ this would surely be of ‘Commercial Quality’ to be accepted on AJ. However, for some frustrating reason that I just can’t work out, they didn’t accept it. Is it the fact I offered it into the wrong style area, or does it not fit in anywhere? Why is it so very difficult to have creative freedom and not carbon copy everyone else, just to have your track accepted? I’m confused and would love some honesty from the professionals on here. God bless you all, I wish you all great success!!!

Here is a safe link to the track on my Sound Cloud page:

Hi, I think there is nothing wrong with your composition, i could imagine it in a commercial media production, however I hear a few issues with the mix. Some of the sounds you choosed are sounding a bit dated and ‘cheap’, for example the snthy lead sound that comes in at 3:20 (and also in the background in the part before). Another problem seems to be the bass, that is too loud and sounds undifferentiated cause it’s too wide in the stereo panorama if it’s phase inverted. That takes a lot of punch this kinda track should have. Finally I would recommend to shorten the track to get faster to ‘the point’ of your composition.
I hope my opinion helped a bit, have a great productive day :slight_smile:
Ah, and choosing the wrong section would give you a soft rejection only.

Hi Foxy,

Thank you so much for your detailed honest reply. I greatly appreciate you having a listen. It means so much to me that you could hear it in a commercial media production. I own the collectors edition of Native Konplete, which is so very impressive and vast. I use Cubase Pro 11 and have used some of their synth sounds on this track. I agree with you about the synth sounding thin/dated. I’ll keep the bass narrow and fully centered next time as well. It’s such a very steep learning curve, which I have about 50% success rate. I’ll check out some of your tracks as well. It’s great to be able to speak with other professionals.

Thank you once again and you too, have a fantastic productive day my friend! :sunglasses:

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Yeah, Cubase is a great DAW I used myself a long time until I choosed to switch to Studio One, since it had a few functions I missed in C and some workflow solutions I prefered. But the synth presets of Steinberg were even back then already kinda outdated. Definetely not their strength😁

Good to have your opinion about their sounds. I agree, I love Cubase Pro11 - just about to update to 12 in the next few months. There are so many great functions and I like the work flow. However, when I compare my Native Instruments (Komplete 13 Ultimate - i checked), you can certainly tell a sonic quality difference with them! I also own Spitfire’s Core Orchestral pack - but not really used it much. It’s one of those ‘imposter’ situations. I’m not classically trained in any form of composing, rather a semi classical self taught grade 5 pianist who loves creating music!

I’m working on a new corporate track, with muted delayed guitars, piano, synth drums, strings etc Hoping this will get accepted Foxy - I might post it, let you hear it before I submit! :roll_eyes::crazy_face:

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I recommend you to make bass mono. Moreover always get phase correlation meter on your master bus checking phase issues. If it gets below zero use S1 by Waves to make stereo less wide.