Audio sounding muzzled in Final cut pro after purchase

Hi there guys, new to this so appreciate the help.

I purchased a few songs a month back to cut a family holiday clip to them, but now when I go to use two of them they sound muzzled after I start playing them in FCPX. I have tried deleting and re uploading but the same problem… if I open the Audio jungle site, they play perfectly crisp, and then I open final cut and play my purchased downloaded copy and it sounds really dull… am I doing something wrong? I have even tried both types of files…
Thanks again

Maybe you did some changes in your software’s equalizer? I mean in FCPX if it has eq (I never did use it). When you just play this files with the ordinary audio player, do they sound good? If no then maybe try to connect with authors of purchased songs, maybe it’s something wrong with files

Hi, yeah I have uploaded several other songs with no problem, even tried downloading the file again but the same :confused:
How do I get in contact with the Authors?
Thank you

Hey mate,

I had two other songs in the clip that were fine, it sounds good the first time I play it and then starts to sound “muffled” in certain sections only. I’m not about the sample rate now do I find that out?
Thank you

I don’t have a converter, what is that for? The songs I purchased I just downloaded, and then drag and dropped them into FCPX… thanks for your help

You can send an email to the author on his profile page (right bottom corner). Also, does the preview version of this tracks work fine?

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